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Discover Norway in an Oslo motorhome hire

Welcome to capital city Oslo, a hub in the south of Norway and the ideal place to begin your motorhome holiday.

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What you need to know about motorhome rentals Oslo

Oslo is home to more than 600,000 people and is known for its museums and abundant green spaces. The city is a great location to start a motorhome tour of Norway as it sits in the south of the country where you can easily head away for a long weekend, or take the RV further afield for a full tour of Norway - and perhaps even a visit over the border to Sweden. GoSee has three leading brands on offer, each with a fleet of vehicles to choose from for your tour.

What to do with your motorhome rental from Oslo

The Telemark Canal is just under two hours from Oslo and is considered to be one of the most beautiful waterways in the world. This stretch of water is a little over 100 kilometres from Skien to Dalen and Skien to Notodden. You can view it by canoe, kayak, boat cruise, or ferry, or simply walk, drive, or bike alongside it.

Drive 6.5 hours north to the west coast of Norway to the town of Trondheim. Here you will find the Nidaros Cathedral, which is the largest medieval building in Scandinavia and the most important church in Norway. This beautiful old structure was built in 1066 and is an incredible historic structure today.

Like many roadtrips in Norway, the road to the Nordfjord includes a ferry during the 8-hour trip from Oslo. The Nordfjord is home to a number of fantastic attractions, so you can spend several days here discovering sights such as the Jostedalsbreen Glacier, which is the largest glacier in Europe. You can also enjoy snow sports, rafting, hiking, and scenic drives.

If you’re planning on a longer trip and wish to head to the north of Norway, be sure to make a stop at Stø, an old fishing village where you can board a boat to see whales and seals, and if you’re there at the right time of year (in June or July), you can experience sunshine at midnight!

As Oslo is so close to Sweden’s border, you can also easily head across for a visit to stunning Swedish cities such as Karlstad, or even the capital Stockholm, which is just 6 hours away.

From Oslo, you can also visit the Southern part of Norway with cities such as Grimstad and Stavanger worth a visit.

In case you wish to visit other European countries, a ferry offers service from Oslo to Germany.

Best times of year to hire a motorhome in Oslo

For a city that is so far above the equator, Oslo’s weather is surprisingly mild.

Summer average highs are around the low 20s (degrees Celsius) with daily lows around 14 degrees. For this reason, June, July and August are often the best times to visit.

Winter is from December to February. Around this time, daily temperatures will hover around the freezing mark, with the coldest month in January, when averages drop below freezing.

Autumn and spring are similar in that the weather is mild enough for a visit provided you dress warmly, and be prepared for both occasional rain and snow.

A complete camping adventure in Oslo

In a land where the sun never sets in summer and the darkness lingers for months, Oslo a unique destination, perfect for a campervan holiday. A fjord runs along one side of the city with woodland to the other. There’s an eclectic taste in architecture, a long list of fascinating museums and more nature than you can shake a stick at. Explore the city by foot, and then take to the wild in your camper.

A city of Fjords and Vikings

There’s nothing better than the natural beauty of Oslo, so take a Fjord tour on a beautiful day. Tours last an hour and half and if you just want to sit down and relax for a little while, it’s definitely worth it.

To truly get back to nature, visit the national parks. You will see everything from reindeer, lynx and wolves to waterfalls and glaciers. Jostedalsbreen National Park is home to the largest glacier in continental Europe.

The Oslo Pass gives you free travel on all public transport and gets you into more than 30 attractions, outdoor swimming pools and walking tours. It also offers discounts at restaurants, shops and on concert tickets. Make it your first port of call to purchase one of these from a tourist information centre or campsite.

If you’re wondering how niche a museum can get, pop into the Popsenteret. It’s a brilliant interactive museum of Norwegian pop. If it’s a wet day, head to the museums and galleries. Everyone loves a Natural History Museum and Oslo’s is the only one in Norway with dinosaurs. Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art is on the harbour front and well worth a look. Or head to the Viking Ship Museum. The world's best-preserved 9th century wooden Viking ships are on display, as well as other small artefacts and boats found in Oslo’s fjord.

Under King Håkon V, the Akershus Fortress was built in the 1300s. The medieval castle withstood a number of sieges throughout the ages. King Christian IV had it converted into a Renaisssance castle but during the 17th and 18th centuries it fell into disarray. Restoration work only started in 1899. Now it is a perfect spot to enjoy a summer afternoon or attend a concert.

For a day of thrill-seeking and squeals, TusenFryd is Norway's largest amusement park. There are more than 30 fun attractions and characters such as SpongeBob Squarepants, Patrick Star and Squidward Tentacles roam the park.

The Holmenkollen ski jump is another spectacular sight, even if you’re not a skier, and don’t miss Vigelandsparken. One of Norway's most visited attractions, the unique sculpture park is full of pieces from Gustav Vigeland.

The land of the camper

Camping is free in Norway, so as long as it’s public land you can camp anywhere. If you’re looking for more established areas or just like the idea of having a loo nearby, try these campsites:

The view from Ekeberg Campsite is worth a visit in itself. Look out over the city, the bay and surrounding hills. The sites are clean and there’s mini golf and squash nearby.

Bogstad Camping Center is only 8km away from Oslo and has everything you need for a leisurely vacation. Set in a scenic spot next to the water, this is the perfect place to get back to nature.

Towards Beitstadfjorden is an idyllic camping spot in beautiful surroundings. Leave your everyday stress behind at Astrid Stornes and recharge your batteries for another hectic day in the city.

A heavenly selection of restaurants

Oslo is a foodie's paradise, with a variety of restaurants and cafes serving delicious food to satisfy every palate. Mediterranean, Scandinavian and seafood are all you’ll order from Statholdergaarden in the heart of the city.It has a romantic atmosphere and historic decor. Renowned for its crab, crayfish, lobster, mussels, oysters, scallops and shrimp – Solsiden offers a mountainous display of seafood in every meal.

For those of you who have no problem with a little indulgence, De Fem Stuer has a seven-course menu that is a culinary adventure. Mogador has soft light and quiet music and cheap delicious fare. Mezze dishes are small, tapas-like plates that allow you to taste a range of things from the menu. Try the mint tea they serve in silver cans.

One of the most charming cafes in Oslo is one where you bring your own food. Oslo Mekaniske is very busy at weekends, and all they ask is you buy a drink from the bar and clean up after yourself. For a burger joint that’s worth waiting in line for, head to Illegal Burger. These gourmet delights are cheap enough to have you coming back day after day.

When to visit

The peak tourist season is during the Oslo summer, when the days are very long and temperatures are mild.Winter is another story, so be prepared for the snow and rug up. Summer is a truly beautiful time in Oslo, where the natural environment really shines through. Temperatures can reach the 30s, with a general average of around 16-17 degrees. Unsurprisingly winters drop into minus figures.

Hiring a camper in Oslo

McRent has a depot at Oslo Airport and is a large company with a wide range of vehicles. McRent offer one-way discounts and the fleet is well maintained.

It’s always a five-star service from Touring Cars, with 24/7 customer service and 30 years of experience. A free VIP airport pick-up is all part of the package, with great information at your fingertips – just ask away!

Pure Motorhomes and McRent Motorhomes

Pure Motorhomes and McRent Motorhomes share a depot and a fleet of RVs in Oslo at Industrivegen 17, 2069 Jessheim. It’s roughly 10 kilometres from Oslo Airport to the depot so you can either catch a taxi there or take a bus, as there are no transfer services available. If you are catching the bus, Pure and McRent can pick you up from the bus stop. Two people looking to hire a motorhome can choose from the Group Compact Standard in the van or motorhome version, or even the Group Compact Plus, all of which have bathrooms and kitchens like you’d find in much larger motorhomes.

There are several more options for groups of three and four, such as the Group Compact Luxury or Group Family Standard, and larger groups of five or six have the option of family-style vehicles with sleeping space for four adults and two kids, or large motorhomes fit for six adults. You can also hire a number of optional extras, such as booster seats, bike racks, snow chains, and camping sets. The open hours in Oslo are from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and on Saturdays from 9am to 5pm when you arrange in advance and pay a fee of 792NOK. Also note that lateness when returning your Oslo motorhome will incur a 429NOK hourly fee.

Touring Motorhomes

Touring Motorhomes keeps the RV selection process simple, with five options for Oslo motorhomes. Those looking for the comforts of home should consider a luxury motorhome, which has additional features such as televisions and air conditioning. Couples and pairs will be suited to the small motorhomes, which are ideal for two people. Depending on the size of your group or family, you may wish to hire a medium, large, or family motorhome. The family RVs can either sleep five adults, or four adults with two children. The large motorhomes have sleeping space for six adults, and medium category RVs are designed for up to four adults. There is unlimited mileage and no minimum rental period for any of these hires, and you get GPS and a phone service for if you need help while out on the roads.

The Touring Motorhomes depot is located at Minne Industriområde 45, 2092, Minnesund. As part of the service, you get free pick ups and drop offs from Oslo Airport and its surrounding hotels - just make sure you book this in as soon as you have your flight details. If you are coming from Oslo city, Touring Motorhomes still offers a transfer service, but this costs 169 Euros each way. You can pick up or drop off your motorhome at any time of the day or night, but note that it costs 149 Euros if you are making an exchange either before 8am or after 6pm.

Camping tips for Oslo

  • Norway is not a budget destination. Plan accordingly.
  • Everyone speaks fluent English. Still, everyone appreciates a trier so learn some key phrases.
  • A camping card is not obligatory in Norway, but may be compulsory for some campsites.
  • You can hire cellphones, so don’t spend huge dollars on roaming.
  • Outside Norway are also great outdoor experiences when you book RV rentals in Hungary, Ireland, in Romania, and even South Africa or Zimbabwe. GoSee got you covered all over the world.


Done visiting Norway? Why not go to other locations like Australia? GoSee also offers vehicle rentals in various destinations in Australia. You may want to explore Gold Coast, Melbourne, or Sydney in a motorhome hire.

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