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Explore Canada with an RV rental

Vast, exciting Canada is famous for its spectacular scenery, friendly people, worldly and vibrant cities, and chilly winters. It has all that and more. The diversity on offer here is what makes Canada appealing to so many people—from craggy mountain peak to quiet rural town, stunning coastline to the European-style delights of Quebec, there are experiences to offer all comers.

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To start your search, enter your desired dates, pick-up and drop-off times and locations, and a few other details into the relevant fields. You will receive a list of rental vehicles that suit your requirements—and can narrow the possibilities down further with a range of filters. Select the features, capacity, and review ratings that fit your needs.

All that you need to know about each RV is right there on the main results page, making it a simple process to compare the listings and pinpoint your perfect ride.

Toronto City at sunset.

Where to start: Picking up your Canada campervan rental

With more than 6,000 kilometers between the east and west coast and territories stretching north into the Arctic Circle, Canada is huge. So choosing the starting point for your road trip is important. Unless you are planning a lengthy cross-country quest, where you begin will have an impact on where you go and what you see during your time on the road.

Here are a few of the possibilities—the most popular pick-up locations for an RV rental in Canada.


An RV rental from Toronto in Ontario will put you amidst the gorgeous Great Lakes. The city itself is bright, busy, and diverse with outstanding museums, galleries, and food. It’s on the shores of Lake Ontario, a quick trip from the spectacular Niagara Falls and the border with the United States. Lake Erie and Lake Huron are also very close by. All are surrounded by charming small towns, national and provincial parks, and beautiful coastal scenery. Capital city Ottawa and the French-speaking urban centers of Montréal and Québec City are within easy reach when you pick up a Toronto motorhome rental.


On the sparkling mountain-backed sounds of Canada’s west coast lies this progressive and outdoorsy city. An RV rental from Vancouver is perfect for nature lovers, offering abundant access to the incredible coastlines of Puget Sound, many gorgeous lakes, the famous Whistler ski resort, and the wilds of Vancouver Island. The stunning Canadian Rockies mountain range is within a day’s drive of the city.


With an RV rental from Montréal, Canada’s French-speaking Québec province awaits. The city itself is sophisticated and charming, infused with both French and Canadian culture, and known for fabulous food. Just three hours’ drive northeast along the St Lawrence River is Québec City, and Montréal is also a great starting point to explore Canada’s far east including lovely, rustic New Brunswick and the scenic maritime province of Nova Scotia.


The Calgary Scotiabank Saddledome. Cool, cosmopolitan, and also a little bit country, Canada’s oil city is a fun place to start your motorhome road trip. Pick up an RV rental in Calgary to begin an epic journey across the prairies to Saskatchewan, or head west to enter the Canadian Rockies mountain range and Banff National Park.


Located near the edge of Canada’s northern wilds and close to some of the country’s best outdoor recreation spots, this city has a lot to offer travelers. An RV rental from Edmonton will set you up to visit the incredible Jasper National Park which lies just three hours to the west. You could also take your accommodation on wheels to explore the lakes, forests, small towns, and wildlife of northern Alberta.

Essential info for your Canadian RV rental adventure

Driving tips

Some knowledge of basic road rules and local costumes will set you up for a safe road trip that’s memorable in all the right ways! Our tips for driving a motorhome in Canada are a good place to start—so if you’re driving an RV in the country for the first time or new to Canada’s roads altogether, take a look.

  • In Canada, all traffic drives on the right-hand side of the road. This means that drivers (in the vast majority of vehicles) sit on the left side of the vehicle.
  • Distances are posted in kilometers, and speeds in kilometers per hour.
  • Typically, speed limits are set at 50 kph in urban areas and 80 kph on rural roads. Limits on grade-separated freeways are generally 100 or 110 kph. The highest limit, found in British Columbia on a single highway, is 120 kph.
  • Road rules are set by the province or territory, so there is some variation. Do some research on the laws in the area you are visiting.
  • Much of Canada is cold and snowy in winter. This can, of course, affect road conditions. You should take extra care when there is ice or snow on the roads and avoid traveling during very adverse weather. Take into account the size and weight of your motorhome when making decisions.
  • The blood alcohol concentration limit for driving in Canada is 0.08%.
  • Drive carefully in mountainous areas. RVs often travel a little slower than smaller vehicles—if this is the case for you, pull over frequently to allow cars to pass.
  • Distances can be deceptive in vast Canada. Always keep your motorhome stocked with food and water, and refuel whenever you get an opportunity to do so.

Perhaps the number one tip we have to make your Canada RV rental adventure go as smoothly as possible is this: listen carefully to any orientation, instructions, or advice you receive from depot staff when you pick up your vehicle. They are the experts in your specific motorhome, so take notes and don’t be afraid to ask any questions that spring to mind.

Banff National Park is Canada's oldest national park.

Canada motorhome road trip ideas

With so many provinces and territories, millions of kilometers of roads and highways, wonderful cities, and an incredible array of landscapes, Canada is a road tripper’s paradise. The difficulty lies in deciding on a route. If you have several weeks or months to explore, you could embark on a cross-country journey and take it all in. If you’re a little more restricted with your time, take a look at our ideas below for some travel planning inspiration.

Vancouver to Calgary: 4-7 days

The highlight of this 1,000-kilometer journey is the Canadian Rockies and gorgeous Banff National Park. Pick up your RV rental in scenic, forward-thinking Vancouver and make your way into the mountains, starting with Kamloops and Revelstoke which are both known as centers for outdoor recreation amidst lakes, rivers, ski fields, and parks. You’ll then enter the Banff region to enjoy some of Canada’s most famous scenery—this trip offers so much to see and do that you could easily spread it over more than a week.

Vancouver Island from Vancouver: 3-5 days

Pick up your motorhome in Vancouver and head across on the vehicular ferry to explore this gorgeous island for a few days—this makes a great addition to a longer road trip starting or ending in Vancouver! Travelers love the quirky, colorful communities, farm-to-table eating opportunities, stunning natural attractions, and outdoor recreation activities.

Toronto to Montréal: 2-4 days

This is a short trip, but it offers myriad opportunities for interesting detours. Pick up your Toronto motorhome rental and head around the lake to see Niagara Falls before getting underway towards Montréal. Pretty Prince Edward Island is a good spot in which to stop, and there are some lovely towns along the rest of the route, too. Don’t miss historic Kingston, and make sure to join a boat tour at Gananoque to see the stunning castles of the Thousand Islands region.

Montréal to Halifax: 4-7 days

Experience the natural beauty of the Cape Breton Highlands as you drive the famous Cabot Trail. Get acquainted with the pretty scenery and wild coastlines of Eastern Canada on this road trip. Pick up your Montréal RV rental and enjoy the drive along the St Lawrence River to Québec City, taking in the French-Canadian culture along the way. Cross into pretty New Brunswick and then the maritime province of Nova Scotia and enjoy this quiet, scenic part of the country with evocative coastlines and charming harbor towns. At 1,200 kilometers, the trip can be done in just two days, but we recommend spreading it over at least four—preferably more—to fully appreciate the journey.

Montréal to Vancouver: 14-21 days

If you’ve got the time, we can recommend this epic journey which takes in some of Canada’s most popular destinations: the gorgeous coastlines around Vancouver, the Rockies and Banff National Park, the Canadian prairies of Alberta and Saskatchewan, the Great Lakes, and more. Adjust the route a little to see whatever catches your interest—this will be a road trip to remember.

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Camper rental Canada: Frequently asked questions

See all of our FAQs

How much does it cost to hire an RV in Canada?

There is a wide range of pricing for motorhome rentals in Canada, as rates depend on the vehicle, the supplier, the pick-up location, and the time of year. You could expect to pay CAD$100 or less per day for a compact motorhome, up to more than CAD$300 per day for a large RV.

To find the rental that fits your budget, submit a search on GoSee with your desired dates and details. From there, it’s simple to adjust the price range filter to narrow down the options to what’s affordable.

How old do I need to be to rent an RV in Canada?

You must be at least 21 years old to rent an RV in Canada. Some suppliers require customers to be at least 25 or may charge a fee for those aged 21-24.

What driving license do I need to rent a motorhome in Canada?

You need a standard license. Foreign licenses can be used in Canada for up to three months, but you should also obtain an International Driving Permit which will include a translation of your license into English and French.

Are taxes included in the rental price?

Yes, taxes are included in the price displayed on the main search results page. When you click into the listing, the cost is itemized to show the daily rates, taxes, booking fee, and any discounts that apply.

Is there a minimum rental period when hiring an RV in Canada?

There is no minimum rental period across the board, but many suppliers do enforce a minimum rental period. You may be able to have the vehicle for a shorter period, but will still be required to pay for the minimum number of days.

Is there a minimum rental period when hiring an RV in Canada?

There is no minimum rental period across the board, but many suppliers do enforce a minimum rental period. You may be able to have the vehicle for a shorter period, but will still be required to pay for the minimum number of days.

Can I sleep anywhere I like in Canada?

No, you cannot camp anywhere you like—but there are plenty of options for legal freedom camping throughout the country when you have a self-contained vehicle. There are many designated free camping sites on public land such as provincial parks, and British Columbia has a network of “recreational sites” where you can often stay for free. Canadian residents can camp for free on Crown land, and non-residents need a non-resident camping permit—which is very affordable.

At what times can I pick up my RV?

The opening hours for the depot will be specified in the terms and conditions. When making a search, specify your desired pick-up time so you can see what's available.

What’s included in my RV rental?

Your rental will include the use of the vehicle and the appliances within it. It usually does not include mileage. You can often add accessories like convenience/kitchen kits, camp chairs, child seats, and extra insurances.

When is the best time to hire a motorhome in Canada?

Many consider summer (June-August) and the months close to it to be the best time to embark on an RV rental adventure in Canada. If you want warm weather, that’s definitely true. However, a snowy winter road trip can be spectacular—just take care on the roads ndn make sure there’s a heater included in your rental.

What is the speed limit in Canada?

Typically, speed limits in Canada are set at 50 kph in urban areas and 80 kph on rural roads. On grade-separated freeways, the limit is generally 100 or 110 kph. The highest limit in the country, found in British Columbia, is 120 kph.