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Discover the states with an RV rental in the USA

When you rent an RV in the United States of America, you’re in for adventure. The difficult part is deciding where to start! This is a country that loves a good road trip and thinks nothing of driving for hours on end to reach a destination. Having your accommodation on wheels makes it simple to join in and start exploring.

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RV rental locations in the USA

There are so many cities in the vast United States where you could begin your RV road trip. To help you decide which one to choose, we have put together some information about a few main tourist centers across the nation and the delightful places accessible from them with a rented motorhome.

Los Angeles

This West Coast metropolis is a point of entry for many visitors to the country. An RV rental from Los Angeles is a ticket to explore sunny, cosmopolitan, and naturally-blessed California which offers a great combination of big seaside cities and stunning natural assets, from deserts in the south to Redwood forests in the north. Yosemite National Park is a day’s drive from Los Angeles, and the Big Sur coastal route is a very popular road trip located directly north of the city.


Centrally located on the East Coast, this is the capital city of the USA and a great place from which to embark on a motorhome adventure. After experiencing the immense history of Boston, head north into the charming towns and bucolic scenes of New England or south through Virginia and the Carolinas to Florida which have coasts lined with sandy beaches and holiday towns. If you make it to Miami there’s the famous nightlife to enjoy.

The Capitol building in Washington DC.


This big and bustling lakeside city is a gateway to the midwest region—main routes lead from the city into Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and beyond. Travelers can see the sights of Lake Michigan and then enjoy the friendly small towns and cities of this famously welcoming part of the US. A short trip in your campervan hire from Chicago to the border with Canada is also possible.

Las Vegas

“Sin City” is about more than just casinos! It’s also a fantastic place from which to explore the southwest USA. Pick up a Las Vegas motorhome hire and you can drive a few hours to the spectacular Grand Canyon and other highlights of the area: Death Valley National Park, Lake Mead, and the Hoover Dam to name just a few. From Las Vegas it’s a relatively quick trip to Los Angeles and the delights of California. Utah’s iconic national parks are also within easy reach.


The state of Colorado is beloved by outdoor enthusiasts, and it’s ideal as a base for an unforgettable motorhome road trip. Rent an RV in Denver and set out to discover the Rocky, the national parks and great salt lakes of neighboring Utah, and long highways through the vast rural areas of the midwest. There are some fantastic friendly cities and towns to visit in the area, and it’s a scenic journey from Denver to the delights of the West Coast.


With an RV hire from Houston, the warm and welcoming southern states are within reach. To the east is the fabulous, colorful, flavorful New Orleans region. There are more Texan cities, towns, and landscapes to explore. Houston is also very centrally located between the East and West Coast, so it’s easy for an intrepid road tripper to reach either side of the country after a journey through diverse states and regions.


Road trip information for USA RV rentals

The United States of America is a vast and varied land. With 48 contiguous states, one island state, and Alaska, there is more to see and do here than anyone could ever hope to experience in one road trip—or even a hundred of them. From the spectacular depths of the Grand Canyon to the wild and remote peak of Mount Denali, the verdant paradise of Hawaii to the vast open fields of the corn belt to the dense urbanity of Manhattan, this diverse nation has something for everyone.

A bear at the Yosemite National Park.

Driving guide

If you have never driven in the United States before or been behind the wheel of an RV, you’ll want to brush up and prepare before hitting the road. Here are a few tips for those planning their USA motorhome rental adventure.

  • Drive on the right! In the USA, all traffic travels on the right-hand side of the road.
  • Be aware of the size of your vehicle when in tight spaces. If you have a passenger, it can be helpful for them to get out and guide the driver for parking and backing.
  • Distances are posted in miles, and speeds in miles per hour.
  • Road rules vary from state to state. You should do some research on the basic rules of any state you are going to pass through.
  • You must stop for stop signs, red lights, and stationary school buses with lights flashing and signs out.
  • Pay attention to posted speed limits. The highest limit in the country is found in Texas and is 85 miles per hour.
  • If you’re driving slowly—and in an RV, you may well be—then stick to the far right lane and allow other vehicles to pass.
  • The legal blood alcohol concentration limit for drivers is 0.08%.
  • Different states and regions have different toll road systems. We recommend speaking to your rental supplier about the tolls where you are planning to travel and the easiest way for you to pay them.

Road trip ideas for your RV rental in the USA

There are so many road trip possibilities in the United States that travel planning can become overwhelming. If you are unsure where to even begin, have a read of the basic ideas we have listed below—these may spark some inspiration for you!

Route 66: 14-21 days

This iconic stretch of road is filled with little bits of history and vintage attractions, adding a sense of heritage to your US RV rental journey. To drive the full 2,400 miles between Chicago and Los Angeles would take at least 2-3 weeks. If you have the time, it’s highly recommended—but if not, you could pick a section to explore.

Los Angeles to Seattle: 7 days

The Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.This one-way RV rental trip of 1,200 miles or more allows a glimpse at the many different faces, climates, cuisines, and landscapes of the West Coast. Start in hot and dry Los Angeles, enjoy the stunning Big Sur coastline and cosmopolitan San Francisco, then enter wine country and the verdant forests of Northern California. Cross beautiful Oregon, stop in to see trendy Portland, and then enjoy the cooler climes and wild coastlines of Washington and Seattle.


Washington to Boston: 3-5 days

While technically you could, in your RV rental, make this one-way journey in a single day, you would be missing out on a LOT of incredible places along the way. History buffs will love this section of the East Coast, and right in the middle of the journey is the exciting metropolis of New York City. There are some more peaceful places along the way, too—and you could take a detour to spend some time at the beach on the Jersey Shore.

Denver to Denver: 7-10 days

Buildings and parks in Denver, Colorado. There’s so much to see near Denver that a lot of people will book a pick-up and drop-off there. After spending some time in this pretty and diverse city, head out to explore the Rockies in a leisurely manner. You’ll want to see it all! There are famous mountain towns like Breckenridge and Telluride, many of which become ski resorts in the wintertime. With enough time, you may even make it over to beautiful Utah to see the many sights.

Houston to Miami: 5-7 days

Set aside plenty of time to make this 1,200-mile trip in your US RV rental, because you’ll want to see the many sights along the way. Highlights include vibrant New Orleans, the white sands at Pensacola, the quiet rural areas of Florida’s panhandle, and the incredible Latin-inspired cuisine, culture, and nightlife of Miami.

Done conquering USA? Why not visit other destinations like Australia? GoSee also offers vehicle rentals in different Aussie locations. You can check out Sydney, Gold Coast, or Melbourne in a motorhome hire.

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USA RV rentals: Frequently asked questions

See all of our FAQs

How much does it cost to rent an RV in the USA?

The cost to rent an RV in the United States is so variable that it’s difficult to even give an accurate range. Prices will depend on the location, the company, the type of vehicle, and even the time of year. You might pay well under USD$50 per day for a small sleepervan or more than USD$300 per day for a Class A motorhome.

To find the vehicle that suits your budget, enter your desired dates and pick up/drop off locations into the GoSee search engine along with a few other details. You will then be able to compare and contrast a wide range of USA motorhome rental options and filter the results by price and other features to pinpoint one that suits your needs.

How old do I need to be to rent an RV in the United States?

Most RV rental suppliers in the United States require that the renter be at least 21 years of age. Some will rent to those aged 18 and over, but there will likely be additional costs involved.

What driving license do I need to rent an RV in the USA?

Generally, a normal license is all that is needed, although some states require a commercial or special license to drive a vehicle over 26,000 pounds—and most RVs are below this weight. You can also use your foreign license in the USA for up to three months. If it is not written in English, it must be accompanied by an International Drivers Permit issued in your home country.

How much fuel does an RV use?

The fuel consumption of an RV will vary greatly according to its size, age, and other factors. You might expect to get 10-20 miles per gallon.

Can you sleep anywhere in an RV in the USA?

No, freedom camping is not universally permitted. You may find designated free camping spots for self-contained motorhomes, and businesses like Walmart often allow campers to spend a night in their parking lots. You should do further research specific to the local area in which you are traveling. National and state parks often have low-cost camping options.

Can you rent an RV in one state and drop it off in another?

Yes, many RV rental suppliers in the USA allow one-way trips between cities and states. This may incur a relocation fee.

To see the available options, specify your desired pick-up and drop-off locations when searching.

Is unlimited mileage included in my United States RV rental?

Different suppliers will have different policies, but unlimited mileage is not included in a rental as a general rule. The industry standard is to charge mileage—always check the terms and conditions for any vehicle you are considering to find out.

Can you rent an RV for a month?

Yes, depending on availability it is possible to rent an RV for a month or more.

How do I empty wastewater from the vehicle?

To empty your wastewater, you will need to locate an RV dump station—you should be able to find a list of these near you online. Then you will put on gloves, hook up the sewage drain hose between the RV outlet and the dump station according to the instructions for your specific vehicle, pull the valve to empty the tank, and flush the tank to clean it.

Can I take my pet with me?

Yes, some RV rental companies allow pets to travel in the vehicle. You can use a filter on your search results to see only pet-friendly listings.