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Explore with a Los Angeles RV rental

With your accommodation on wheels, it’s easy to explore LA and beyond. There is no end to exciting destinations within easy reach! A coastal road trip through the Big Sur is a popular option, as is the journey inland and through desert landscapes to Las Vegas. An array of national parks, forests, preserves, and monuments will satisfy nature-loving travelers.

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Camper rental locations in Los Angeles, CA

RV rental locations are scattered throughout Los Angeles, although many are centered around Inglewood and the Los Angeles International Airport. This makes it easy to start your journey either near your immediate port of arrival to the city or elsewhere after spending some time exploring.  

RV rental in Los Angeles: Top Brands

Expedition Motorhomes

Expedition Motor Homes in Los Angeles is located at 23981 Craftsman Rd, Calabasas. All campervan rentals come with free Wi Fi from this certified RV hire USA 5 star dealer. Expedition offers a range of RV classes, from the 21­foot Class B to a 37­foot Class A rent RVs.

Lost Campers

Lost Campers is situated at 8820 Aviation Blvd, Inglewood. Los Angeles RV rentals from Lost Campers come with 24­hour roadside assistance, 100 free miles per day, kitchen equipment, and a picnic table with chairs. These camper rentals are not equipped with bathroom facilities.

Wild Campers USA and Escape Campervans

Wild Campers is operated by Escape Rentals, which is why both brands are located at 4858 W Century Blvd. in Inglewood. These van conversions stand out on the road for their bright and eye-­catching designs that come in more than 200 varieties, and their smaller size and fuel efficiency make them a great option for those who want to travel and discover Los Angeles on a budget.

Star Drive RV, Britz Campervans and Road Bear RV

Star Drive, Britz Campervans and Road Bear RV Rentals are all found at 28404 Roadside Drive in Agoura Hills about 40 miles from Los Angeles International Airport. They are conveniently located close to the beaches at Malibu, Beverley Hills and Santa Barbara. All RV's come with the latest mod cons such as onboard toilets and shower facilities with spacious interiors.

Compass RV and El Monte RV Rentals

Compass RV and El Monte RV rentals offer a large range of rental vehicles to suit any traveler, including 22­ foot C class motorhome rentals and eight­ berth Class A RVs. They are located at 12818 Firestone Blvd, Santa Fe Springs, a little over an hour from Los Angeles International Airport, and just half an hour from Disneyland. You can collect your motorhome on the day you arrive provided you have pre-arranged a collection time, that you can get yourself to the rental depot, and that you can be there at least one hour before the depot closes.

Apollo RV Rental and Star RV

Apollo RV and Star RV Rentals operate from the same location at 8559 Artesia Blvd, Bellflower, Los Angeles CA. Star RV is a premium brand, offering a sleek fleet of new model vehicles with all the bells and whistles, while Apollo Motorhomes offer a more basic range of affordable RV rentals. This Los Angeles branch is roughly 5 miles from the international airport and 15 miles from the city.

Jucy RV Rental

Jucy RV Rentals are perfect for budget­-conscious travelers with a range of converted Dodge Grand Caravans and Chrysler Town and Country vans. Jucy RV Rental Los Angeles branch is located at 15318 Hawthorne Boulevard in Lawndale, about 5 miles from the airport. Camper rentals come equipped with the basics such as gas cookers, minifridges, dinnerware and linens.

Cars driving on Interstate 110 in Los Angeles.

Rent an RV in Los Angeles and explore

With both beautiful scenery and endless urban entertainment, Los Angeles is a holidaymaker’s dream. The city sprawls between mountains and coast, boasting an array of neighborhoods that range from upmarket Beverly Hills to the San Fernando Valley. There are endless stretches of sand to enjoy and some iconic attractions like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Disneyland, Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood Sign, and Santa Monica Pier. You’ll be kept busy during your time here. 

Guide to driving your LA camper rental 

Picking up your vehicle is an exciting time—but remember that safety always comes first! Prepare for an epic road trip by brushing up on the local road rules and learning all you can about the operation of your RV.  

 Here are our pointers for those renting a motorhome in Los Angeles, CA: 

  • Most importantly, always drive your RV rental Los Angeles on the right-hand side of the road! If you are accustomed to driving on the left, take some time to adjust before you hit the highways. 
  • Los Angeles can experience heavy traffic. Try to avoid traveling on the city’s roads during peak commute hours i.e early morning and late afternoon. 
  • There are steep and hilly roads in several parts of the city and the immediate surrounding areas. Take care on these, especially with a large RV. Be prepared to pull over to allow others to pass. 
  • Distances are posted in miles and speeds in miles per hour. 
  • The default urban/residential speed limit in LA is 30 miles per hour. The state’s maximum speed limit is 70 miles per hour, allowed on rural freeways. Urban freeways and divided roads are usually set at 65 miles per hour. Always check speed limit signs on any given stretch of road. 
  • If you are heading into the desert, make sure that your Los Angeles motorhome rental is stocked with water and food, and that you have a phone or form of communication with you. Some areas are remote. 
  • The general blood alcohol concentration limit for drivers in California is 0.08%. We recommend that you abstain from drinking entirely before getting behind the wheel of your motorhome. 

Our top tip for those getting RV rentals in from Los Angeles is to pay close attention to everything that the depot staff tells you during your orientation to the vehicle. They know the ins and outs of operating each motorhome, so are your best source of information. Take notes and ask questions until you are confident with how everything works. 

The view from behind the Hollywod sign looking across Los Angeles.

Los Angeles RV rental destinations 

Los Angeles itself is an unforgettable destination. But if you are renting a motorhome, it’s probably because you want to explore beyond the city limits and see a little more of the USA.  

Here are a few fantastic places you can go within a day’s drive of LA. Take a look at the list, add your own ideas, and you’ll have the start of a memorable RV rentals Los Angeles itinerary. 

Las Vegas 

We mentioned earlier that the drive from LA to Las Vegas in your motorhome rental is a very popular trip, and we weren’t kidding. It’s about a 4.5-hour drive via the I-15, and will see you pass through some scenic desert landscapes before reaching the bright lights of “Sin City.” 

San Francisco 

Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. The trip from LA to San Francisco in your camper rental will take around 6 hours via the fastest route, but most travelers choose to stick to the coast for a full day’s drive. You can, of course, split it into several days and make a real journey of it! Along the way is the amazing Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park as well as some gorgeous coastal towns and cities. 

San Diego 

Just a few hours on the road heading south will see you in sunny, laidback San Diego. If you like watersports, this is the place to be! You’ll hug the coastline on the I-5 for some lovely coastal vistas and pass through a string of beach towns with Spanish names as you draw closer to San Diego and the Mexican border.


Just six hours from Los Angeles and across the California-Arizona border is Phoenix, a lively city rising like its namesake from the desert sands. With year-round warmth, this is the perfect winter destination. The motorhome rental trip to get there from LA offers more fantastic desert scenery. Whatever you do, don’t miss the opportunity to stop and enjoy the stunning Joshua Tree National Park along the way. 

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RV rental Los Angeles: Frequently asked questions

See all of our FAQs

How much does it cost to get RV rentals in Los Angeles? 

The cost of your RV rental in Los Angeles will vary widely according to the type of vehicle you choose, the supplier, and even the time of year. Here’s an approximate indication: For a cheap camper rental in Los Angeles, you might pay as little as a base rate of USD$50 per day outside of peak travel times. For a luxury RV rental in the summer, you can expect to pay up to USD$560 per day base rate. 

To choose the perfect RV rental that suits your needs and your budget, use our simple search engine and filters. 

What’s included in the RV rental? 

That’s a tricky one, as inclusions will vary hugely between suppliers. Commonly added extras are 24-hour roadside assistance, tourist info and maps, bedding/linen, and kitchen/cutlery. To be sure of what comes with your motorhome rental, click on the listing and read all the details given. 

How old do I have to be to rent an RV from Los Angeles? 

Most RV rental companies in the United States require that those renting their vehicles be at least 21 years of age. Some will rent to customers aged 18 and over, but there will likely be additional costs involved in this. 

What’s required to rent or drive a RV? 

To drive a RV rental in the USA you will need a full, valid driver’s license. For making a booking and picking up the vehicle, you will also need a credit card. 

Can I rent a RV one way from Los Angeles? 

Yes, many Los Angeles RV suppliers are branches of regional or national companies and will allow you to drop off at another of their depots elsewhere. To find out what your options are, enter your desired pick-up and drop-off locations when you search. 

What is the minimum rental period? 

This depends on the policies of each individual camper rental Los Angeles supplier. One week is a common minimum rental period. 

Are there RV rentals with unlimited mileage? 

Yes, some Los Angeles RV rental suppliers offer unlimited miles. This feature will be noted in the listing under 'Benefits'. To maximize your trip, you can roam around downtown Los Angeles or visit Southern California to see more gems of this state.

Are RV rentals pet-friendly?

There are a lot of rental RV Los Angeles companies that allow pets, but you still have to double-check the listing. Be sure to see if there is an extra fee for pets before booking your motorhome rental.

Do RV rentals offer delivery?

Many companies that provide Los Angeles RV rentals offer delivery and setup services. Usually, you can have your RV delivered for an extra charge or within a certain distance from their location. Each listing shows whether or not LA rental delivery is an option.

Where can I park my campervan in Los Angeles?

Wondering where to park your motorhome rental in Los Angeles and have a good night's rest? RV parks or RV campsites are great for those travelling in their motorhome rentals. Try heading to Malibu Beach RV Park via Pacific Coast Highway to have a break. You can also go to Santa Monica or Long Beach for a relaxed surfer vibe. You may also check out Anaheim RV Park, a quick drive from the world-famous Disneyland theme park. Another option is to camp at Hollywood RV Park in Van Nuys. RV campsites usually include full hookups, and guests have access to Wi Fi and an on-site gym. Budget hostels are also found almost anywhere, while outside the city center are reasonably priced smaller B&B-style hotels.

Alternatively, Dockweiler RV Park is an RV campground near Playa Del Rey in Los Angeles county. Keen shoppers should check out the San Gabriel Valley, close to factory outlet centers and cheaper than staying downtown.