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Explore Deutschland with campervan rental Germany

Pick up an RV rental in Germany and discover a country that has it all: cosmopolitan cities, fascinating history, and incredible natural scenery. Deutschland is a well-travelled European hub, among the most toured nations in the world—and for good reason. With its fantastic mix of innovative modernity, preserved heritage and beautiful nature reserves, visitors can tick off all the boxes of an amazing travel experience in just a few days. Getting around by campervan rental in Germany is easy and so much fun—book yours today and hit the road.

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What you need to know about Germany motorhome rental

RV rental locations in Germany

Germany really caters to motorhome travellers, so there are several pick up and drop off points throughout the country, including the main cities of Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich. Germany motorhome pick up processes differ between rental providers, so you must confirm your pick up plan directly with the local depot. Remember, pick up rules may also differ if you are arriving from a proximate destination like the UK or Ireland, versus a far-flung destination like Australia. Factor in a night’s rest if you have a long trip over to Germany with a rental camper van.

Motorhome rental Germany planning tips

  • Germany is well-suited to motorhome travellers with excellent facilities and maintained highways. The Autobahns have no speed limit, so you can drive at a speed you feel safe. Always overtake in the left lane, and take great care by checking your mirrors when pulling out.
  • Pick up a German ADAC camping guide—this is essential.
  • If you will be spending any time in the cities, organise parking outside the main centres to avoid driving your motorhome rental Germany in congested areas. Keep a functioning GPS in the vehicle and a paper map for good measure.
  • Germany puts on several incredible events each year that draw large crowds, including Oktoberfest. If you plan to rent a motorhome Germany for any major festival, book well in advance to avoid disappointment. Or, if your preference is to avoid busy periods altogether, check out the calendar for some of the most popular local events to plan accordingly.
  • Note that Germany has a peculiar lockout between 1pm and 3pm at some campsites. Make sure you find out the opening hours for when you can check in.

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Top things to do in Germany

Germany is known for its efficiency—a feature that will come in handy as you try to see all there is to see in such an expansive, exciting country.

  • Cuisine - You cannot visit Germany without trying out the local fare. Each area has its own specialty, so try to pair your tasting with its origins. Some top dishes to look out for include spätzle, schnitzel, flammkuchen, currywurst, sauerkraut, and bratwurst. Also try the local brew—great beer is very dear to the Germans.
  • Nightlife - There is a good reason the Germans are known for their raves and techno music—they do it better than anyone else in the world. Those who wish to dabble in a bit of all-night partying should head to Berlin.
  • The great outdoors - Germany offers motorhome travellers some jawdroppingly beautiful sightseeing. Just a few highlights include Germany’s highest mountain Zugspitze located in the Bavarian Alps, Saxon Switzerland National Park, Geierlay Suspension Bridge, The Rennsteig Trail, The Black Forest, and the Wadden Sea National Park.
  • History - Germany offers a rich history going back several millennia. Whichever part of Deutschland you explore with your RV rental presents a multitude of learning opportunities. Here are a few to get you started: Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall, Reichstag, Cologne Cathedral, Holstentor, Dachau, and the Würzburg Residence.
  • Palaces and Castles – Among the most important architecture in Germany are the palaces and castles built by the German nobility. There are thousands throughout the country, but a few highlights include Sanssouci Palace, Schwerin Palace, Neuschwanstein Castle and Cochem Castle.

germany campervans park river

Popular road trips in your Germany RV rental

When you rent a motorhome Germany, how much you see depends on where you begin your trip and how much time you have. Below we’ve covered a few of the main routes and drawcards to help you plan your RV rental Germany holiday.

  • Alpine Route - The Alpine Road, incorporating Lindau, Bad Tolz and the Chiemgau Alps is a 450-kilometre road trip through the Bavarian Alps. Mountain views, sparkling lakes, and majestic castles await you in your Germany RV rental.
  • germany heidelburg castleGerman Castle Road - Unsurprisingly this route through Bavaria takes in some spectacular castles and other landmarks, including Heidelberg Castle, Rothenburg Town Hall, and Nuremburg—with the option to continue on to Prague.
  • Frankfurt to Munich - A relatively straightforward route in the south of Germany. Via the Mosel Valley and Baden Baden, you edge towards Switzerland before heading up to Munich. Great wine, fine food and natural delights are all on the highway and an incredible experience in a Germany motorhome rental.
  • Romantic Road - This route begins (or ends, depending where you start) not far to the southwest of Munich in Fussen. This track is loosely based on an old Roman route, and ticks off many of Bavaria’s best attractions, including the Neuschwanstein Castle, and the medieval towns of Dinkelsbuhl, Nordlingen, and Rothenburg ob der Tauber. The entire trip is only about 400 kilometres all up, but you’ll be making several stops along the way.
  • Berchtesgaden National Park - Less than two hours drive southeast of Munich, near the border with Switzerland, this top spot is an ideal place for hiking with unbelievably stunning mountains, lakes and forests.
  • Moselle wine region - For wine lovers, a trip to the most prestigious wine-producing area in the country is in order. Known for its exceptional Rieslings, the area is draped around three rivers and has been cultivating wine for 2,000 years.

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RV rental Germany: Frequently asked questions

See all of our FAQs

How much does it cost to rent an RV in Germany?

RV rental rates in Germany fluctuate based on a variety of factors, including vehicle type, length of rental, and availability. For example, a deal from DRM which has exact same inclusions as a deal from McRent, may have different pricing. Luxury motorhome rentals in Germany will cost significantly higher than a no-frills campervan.

To get the best motorhome rental Germany has to offer, compare current rates across multiple vehicles and brands by typing your desired location and dates into the search function on this page. You want to check not only the rates but other factors, like the convenience for you and other travel needs.

Can you park a campervan anywhere in Germany?

Wild camping is a bit of a grey area in Germany, as the rules depend on the area you are visiting. In some places, boondocking is expressly forbidden and could result in a hefty fine. Doing local research before your RV rental Germany tour is recommended, as you will get a much better understanding of the rules and regulations in each district. When in doubt, err on the side of caution and seek permission before setting up camp overnight.

What is the rental process?

The rental processes vary depending on the motorhome rental provider, but your booking must be secured with a credit card. In many cases, a deposit must be made and the full balance is to be paid well in advance of the pick up day. The driver must be at least 21 years of age (23 or 25 for some RV rental companies) with a full and valid drivers license that has been held for 2-3 years, along with an additional form of identification. The pick up details will be outlined in the terms section of each vehicle booking page.

What to do in the event of an incident during a hire?

If there is an incident during a campervan hire trip in Germany, you must inform your rental provider and GoSee as soon as possible. Refer to the terms and conditions on your rental agreement for specific instructions.

Can I pick up the campervan in one location and drop it off in another one?

Yes, one-way Germany campervan bookings are allowed. For example, if you pick up RV rental Berlin or from Frankfurt Germany and wish to drop it off in Munich, this is no problem. Type your desired locations and dates into the search function to check availability and associated costs across companies. In some cases, you can cross borders to other countries in Europe such as Italy or France. Do note that one-way motorhome rentals may incur additional charges.

Which driving licence is required to drive a campervan?

In most cases, a regular full and valid drivers licence held for 2-3 years is required for renting and driving an RV rental in Germany. You may also require an International Drivers Permit depending on your home country’s licence format.

What is included in every rental?

Germany RV rental inclusions and exclusions vary between vehicles and companies. Check the rental terms on each individual booking page to view and compare entitlements.

Are the RVs supplied with a full fuel tank and how should I return them?

A general rule of thumb is to return the camper vans with the same amount of fuel you left with. The tank is usually full, but not always. You may be required to pay if you do not return the vehicle at the same level you started with. Confirm requirements with the local depot upon pick up.

Is there a minimum rental period?

Minimal rental periods for RV rental in Germany vary depending on the company. In some cases, there is no minimum, while others require a minimum of up to 18 days. When you type your desired booking dates into the search function, the search tool will inform you of the minimum booking period for that motorhome rental company offering the deal.

Is there a minimum age to drive a campervan?

The absolute minimum age to drive a camper van rental in Germany is 21 years old, but some companies require you to be at least 23 or 25 and many will charge a young drivers fee if you are younger than 25.

How many people can drive the campervan?

There can be multiple drivers as long as each driver meets the age requirement, and presents an accepted licence and identification.