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Embrace German heritage in a Hamburg campervan hire

Known as the home of the hamburger, this beautiful city is overwhelming with things to see and do. Culture and art lovers will get lost in the many important historical sites, world-famous museums, gothic churches, and eye-catching architecture. Shoppers will have a blast in the cities captivating shopping streets, department stores and artisan retailers. And no matter what you’re into, you’ll love Hamburg’s world-class food and restaurants, inviting atmosphere, and bike-friendly cityscape. The best part? You can enjoy the great outdoors with a Hamburg motorhome rental from GoSee while experiencing the best side of the city. 

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Best season to visit Hamburg in a motorhome

If you love rain, you’ll love Hamburg. It rains here ALOT. But, if you’re not a fan of getting wet and having cozy indoor hot chocolates all day, make your way over for summer. It’s beautifully warm with highs reaching 20 degrees Celsius, and a cool summer breeze all day long.

For winter revelers, Hamburg is still a great option. Sure, it’s freezing cold with sub-zero temperatures, but it makes the most of the icy environment with ice skating, and beautiful frozen lakes and rivers all around the city center.

Just make sure you really rug up, and opt for a camper that is well insulated, and cozy even in the freezing cold.

A quick note on driving rules in Hamburg

Make the most of your Hamburg campervan rental from GoSee and avoid any hiccups with these important travel and camping tips:

  • Drivers must have third-party liability insurance (included in your RV rental) and must carry this with them, as well as proof of ownership (registration or rental papers).
  • Children under 12 or less than 1.5 meters tall may not sit in the front seat unless in an approved child seat. If the vehicle has an active airbag installed, a safety seat may not be used in the front.
  • While there is no speed limit on the Autobahn, Hamburg usually has defined speed limits, so pay attention to road signs during your campervan rental Hamburg roadtrip. Generally, the limits are 100 km outside built-up areas, and 50km for more residential and urban areas.

Aerial view of Hamburg city.

Top campgrounds in the area

Hamburg is generally scarce with camping options. Within the city, there are several convenient options, but they run on the small and more bare-bones side. For a proper camping holiday where you enjoy your adventure and the outdoors, you’ll want to venture a little out of the city. Here are some great camping options out of the city:

Stover Beach Camper Park

Located on the banks of the Elbe River, this camper park is only a 30-minute drive to Hamburg. Spend a relaxing day and enjoy a great view of the river.

Knaus Camping Park Hamburg

This is another very well-maintained spot to park your Hamburg camper van and sleep for the night. With 140 camping spots and well-equipped shop, it has everything you need for an easy vacation.

Camping Grossensee

This is a conveniently-located campsite just outside Hamburg. It takes only 30 minutes to get away from it all in this leafy and charming little spot, with access to one of the most beautiful lakes in Germany. They have a large lawn for sunbathing, beach volleyball and a lakeside restaurant.

Camping Land an der Elbe Hamburg

Located on the banks of the river Elbe, this campsite is only 30 minutes from Hamburg. This is a family business that’s been running since the 1960s. Take a walk, try biking, or go fishing, and enjoy its picturesque landscapes.

A train pulling into Hamburg train station.

Our favorite nearby day trips with a camper rental from Hamburg

While Hamburg is packed with exciting things to do, there are also several sites and cities in the area you’ll definitely want to check out or move onto after your Hamburg adventure. Here are the top recommended ones:


This majestic city is only 50 minutes from Hamburg, and worth every second of roadtrip. Along the drive, you’ll pass an eye-catching archaic tower that used to be part of the city gate. Once you arrive, you’ll find a town filled with alluring old buildings, churches, overgrown gardens, tiny homes, and riveting cobblestone roads.


Aerial view of Berlin city at night. Sitting three hours away from Hamburg is one of the most exciting and popular cities in Europa. There are too many things to see and do in Berlin to list in one little box, but you can check out our full Berlin campervan hire guide to get the lowdown on this incredible city.


Only an hour and 15 minutes with your campervan rental from Hamburg is another must-see city. Known as the city of seven lakes and fine arts, Schwerin is one of the most picturesque cities in Germany, no less because of the breathtaking Schwerin Castle that attracts millions of visitors each year. Thanks to its many gorgeous lakes, Schwerin is also a top city for water sports, sailing kayaking, and fishing lovers.


Even closer to Hamburg, this iconic town is only 45 minutes from Hamburg. While the town itself isn’t the most action-packed, all you need to do is wander through the old town to make the most of its castle, street fairs, old gothic buildings, and fascinating Salt Museum.

Must-see sights and activities in Hamburg

Hamburg is a wonderland of cultural and heritage sites, but also home to many museums, beautiful urban parks, architecture, markets and unique activities. Here are a few top recommended ones:

Dialogue In The Dark

Unlike anything you’ve experienced before, this attraction puts you in the shoes of a blind person. You need to use your other senses to navigate this one-of-a-kind museum.

Miniatur Wunderland

The world's most incredible miniature railway packed with scale models of whole cities like Austria, Central Germany, “Knuffingen”, with other cities still in the works and being added phase by phase.


Elb Philharmonie in Hamburg. It’s not easy to read, but this concert hall is a sight for sore eyes, with a gorgeous shimmering facade and design mirroring the sails of a ship or crystal quarts waves… There’s also great music inside!

Planten un Blomen

This 47-hectare wide green and lively park is gorgeous all year round. With many botanical gardens, ponds, lawns, greenhouses, and even an apothecary, you can spend hours gallivanting here.

Kunsthalle Hamburg

One of Germany’s richest and largest museums, it’s filled with the world's finest artworks spanning 7 centuries of history, and more modern and contemporary galleries too.

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Campervan hire Hamburg: Frequently asked questions

See all of our FAQs

What age regulations apply to the renting of a motorhome?

Planning to rent a campervan? Hamburg motorhome rental providers impose a minimum age requirement of 21 years old, in most cases.You may double-check the details on the rental information as you begin the booking process with GoSee.

What regulations apply to additional drivers?

This varies for every motorhome rental company, but most suppliers charge for additional drivers listed on the rental booking.

What is included in every rental?

While it varies from company to company, motorhome rentals generally include unlimited Mileage and full bedding and kitchen equipment for rentals of 18+ days (available at additional cost for shorter rentals), and a free baby seat for 19+ day hires. If you are needing other items such as bike rack or winter tires, check the listings or call us for assistance.

You also generally get Full CDW Insurance (with a variable excess based on the camper model), and roadside assistance for the vehicle, and a guidebook of campsites in your travel destination. Depending on the rental company, engine lubricant expenses may also be covered when receipts are presented with the return of your vehicle.

What documents are needed for the pick up and how long does it take?

You need to bring the following documents when you pick up the campervan hire:

  • driver’s license (international license if required)
  • a valid credit card to cover all costs of your booking
  • booking confirmation (either printed or in your phone)

Any other documentation required will be stated in the booking confirmation of your campervan Hamburg rental. After that, pick up should take no longer than 15-30 minutes to finalize all details. Then you’re on your way to your Deutschland adventure!

Are pets allowed?

Some RV rental Hamburg companies forbid pets from traveling in campervans, but most allow it. Double-check by reading the terms and conditions for the "campingbusse" rental.

Is there a minimum rental period?

Most camper rental Hamburg companies require you to rent for a minimum of one or two nights. You can verify this from the booking page when looking for the best wohnmobile deals through GoSee.

Will my vehicle be automatic or manual transmission?

You can choose to rent a manual or automatic motorhome when you make your booking. You can see all the details, including whether or not the wohnmobilvermietung vehicle is automatic or manual directly on the booking page.

Do all drivers have to be in the branch at pick up?

This may vary between camper rental agencies, but all drivers will generally need to be present at the branch for pickup with valid documentation handy, including their full driver's license.

Can I cancel a confirmed booking?

Some motorhome rental Hamburg companies impose a cancellation fee of varying degrees depending on how far before your booking you cancel. Others offer free cancellations within certain time windows or included within a "rabatt" / discounted package. Always double-check the cancellation policy for each supplier as you go through the booking process.

Can I pick up my campervan in one city and drop it off in another?

Depending on your itinerary, you may be able to pick up your camper van hire in one location and drop it off in another. Simply check by searching for your ideal pick up and drop off location through our website.