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A bustling city, Berlin is home to over 3.5 million people from all walks of life, and wildly different interests and subcultures. It’s the second most populous in Europe, and the first most in Germany. The unique blend of deep history, timely architecture, and infamous nightlife scene is unlike anywhere else in the world, and yet, it welcomes and embraces newcomers with open arms. You can make the most out of Berlin, and the surrounding cities and sites with the utmost comfort and freedom with a motorhome rental from GoSee. 

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The best seasons to rent a motorhome and visit Berlin

The short answer here is simply Summer! Berlin’s summers are gorgeously warm without being overbearing and usually sit at highs of around 17 degrees Celsius all throughout June, July and August, with that cool summer breeze everyone loves.

After August, the warmth quickly disappears, but the start of Autumn is still fairly pleasant, before dropping quickly to highs of 5 degrees in November.

Fans of freezing in the cold will have a blast, too, with January getting to an average of -1 degrees before warming up slowly through March and April when highs start hitting 10 degrees.

Important camping and driving rules for Berlin 

Put your Berlin campervan rental to good use with these important travel and camping tips:

  • Drivers must have third-party liability insurance (included in your motorhome rental) and must carry this with them, as well as proof of ownership (registration or rental papers).
  • Children under 12 or less than 1.5 meters tall may not sit in the front seat unless in an approved child seat. A safety seat may not be used in the front if there’s an active airbag installed, though.
  • While there is no speed limit on the Autobahn, Berlin usually has defined speed limits, so pay attention to road signs. Generally, the limits are 130 km for motorways, 100 km for main roads, and 50km for urban areas.
  • You are allowed to overtake motorbikes, but not other 4-or-more wheeled vehicles.  

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Day trips you’ll want to consider

If you’re looking for a break from the city, or are after some adventure, there are several great cities and sites within a few hours' drive of Berlin. Here are just a few of our favorites: 


Only three hours from Berlin is a lively and culture-rich city to visit. Aside from tons of cultural sites to see, visiting Hamburg in your campervan hire also means seeing the world’s largest miniature railway model, Miniatur Wunderland, so get choo-choo-chooing! 

The Saxon Switzerland National Park

A rover in the village of Bamberg Alstradt.Another must-see destination and also just three hours from Berlin. Explore over 400 kilometers of hiking, biking, and rock climbing tracks, with incredible valleys, sandstone cliffs and eroded rock formations all around you. 

Bamberg Altstadt

A lesser-known but hidden treasure, this entire town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Filled with iconic medieval architecture and lore, you can wander the streets on your own or take a guided tour of this novel old-timey experience. 


A little further than the other day trip options, Stuttgart is a six hour drive from Berlin, but is home to the vast and fascinating Mercedes-Benz Museum. Over 1,500 exhibits and more than 160 vehicles are on display, showcasing the brand’s history and innovations that changed the world.

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RV rental Berlin adventure: The best things to see and do 

It’s hard to build out a list of top things to do in Berlin because there are simply so many things to experience! We could suggest the many cultural sites like the quintessential Berlin Wall Memorial, the Reichstag Building, or the Brandenburg Gate. 

We could just as easily recommend discovering Berlin for yourself, and seeing how the subcultures and “vibes” change between each neighborhood, like the hipster, music and art-rich Kreuzberg, or punk and industrial Friedrichshain, or more refined and upscale Charlottenburg.

…Or, you could always dive into the world-famous nightclubs like the Berghain (if you’re lucky enough to get in), 3-day techno parties, and shenanigans at dawn. Just make sure you park your motorhome somewhere safe and sound!


Done exploring Germany? Why not go to other locations like Australia? GoSee also offers vehicle rentals in various destinations in Australia. Explore famous cities like Sydney, Gold Coast, or Melbourne in a motorhome.

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Campervan rental Berlin: Frequently asked questions

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Can you park a campervan anywhere in Germany?

Campervan travel across Europe is made easier with the abundance of camping sites and rest stops available. You can park overnight for free in any legal parking space. In Germany specifically, there is around 3600 motorhome or camper van areas called Stellplatz, throughout the country.

Which driving license is required to drive a campervan? 

To drive a campervan in Germany, you need to have a full driver’s license.

What is included in every rental? 

While it varies from company to company, motorhome rentals generally include unlimited Mileage and full bedding and kitchen equipment for rentals of 18+ days (available at additional cost for shorter rentals), and a free baby seat for 19+ day hires. 

Generally get Full CDW Insurance (with a variable excess based on the motorhome model), and roadside assistance for the vehicle, and a guidebook of campsites in your travel destination are also included in the rental. Depending on the campervan hire Berlin company, engine lubricant expenses may also be covered when receipts are presented with the return of your vehicle. 

How can I choose the right RV for my road trip? 

To choose the right RV or wohnmobil for your camper trip, you first need to consider how many people you will be travelling with. Larger groups will want to opt for more spacey and luxurious motorhomes, while solo or pairs of travelers can rent less extravagant campervans. Find the best RV for you and your motorhome rental Germany itinerary when you book with GoSee.

How many people can drive the campervan? 

Generally, your rental agreement covers one driver, and while every motorhome rental supplier is different, most companies charge for additional drivers listed on the rental booking. You can verify this during your booking process through GoSee.

Are the RVs supplied with a full fuel tank and how should I return them?

Rental RVs or motorhomes are generally supplied with either a full or half full fuel tank. Berlin camper van rental companies expect their vehicles returned with the same or similar amount of fuel, and may charge an additional fee if they are returned with less. 

Can I cancel a confirmed booking? 

Need to cancel your booking? Some Berlin motorhome rental companies impose a cancellation fee of varying degrees depending on how many days before your booked date you cancel. Others offer free cancellations within certain time windows.

What is the minimum rental period? 

This varies per Berlin camper van rental, but most companies require you to hire for a minimum of one or two nights. You can verify this on the booking page when looking for the best camper rental Berlin deals through GoSee. 

What is the minimum age to rent a campervan? 

In most cases, you need to be at least 21 years old to rent a camper Berlin. Always, double-check the details on the booking page when you search and compare your Berlin motorhome rentals through the GoSee website.

Can I pick up my campervan in one city and drop it off in another? 

Depending on your motorhome itinerary, you may be able to pick up your vehicle in and drop it off at another location. Simply check by searching for your ideal pick up and drop off locations through our website.