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The whole booking experience was alright. The necessary information was given to find the right choice.
Rene Beyer
Online booking process was nice and easy, no complications at all. Confirmation email sent soon after booking is completed.
There was no problems from the initial on line booking to returning the car to Perth Airport.
Easy and efficient with a competitive price to boot!
Jerry O Gorman
This company is very good. They have saved me money.
Barry Rose
The call centre agent was polite, knowledgable , courteous and very pleasant to deal with.
Shirley Williams
Just so helpful, empathetic, and efficient !!!
Barbara Linton
Patiience of operator. she had to exxplain a lot of things twice.
ursula jones
I was called personally just after my request for a campervan. Unfortunatly there were no campervans available in our price range. But GoSee helped me finding a nice car. Thanks again!

Campervan hire Hungary: Frequently asked questions

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Where can I pick up a campervan rental in Hungary?

The best place to pick up a campervan in Hungary is in the capital, Budapest, where you can arrange for an airport pick-up. The airport is approximately 40 minutes from the city center, via the airport express road. 

Are one-way rentals available in Hungary?

Yes, you can hire a campervan one-way from Hungary. This will primarily be for travel to Croatia, which shares a border with Hungary. Because of Europe's many countries, you may be able to travel further afield to places like Austria, Slovenia, and even Italy, and then finish your holiday in Hungary or Croatia. Check the terms and conditions to understand mileage allowance and which countries you can take your campervan to. 

What is the minimum age to rent a motorhome in Hungary?

Generally, you'll need to be at least 25 to hire a campervan in Hungary.