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The island nation of Japan is an enigmatic place, its many different faces making it a fascinating, wonderful country to visit. With a motorhome rental in Japan, you can discover and experience them all: from the incredibly metropolitan, modern cities and their quirky, unique urban culture to the amazing historical sites, spectacular mountain vistas and quiet pastoral landscapes. So find your Japan motorhome hire today and plan a journey to remember.

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Set out on the Japanese roads and you will come across some amazing things. While Tokyo is Japan’s biggest and most famous city, it is only one piece of the puzzle. You might find yourself marvelling at a bubbling hot spring, snowboarding at a mountain resort, enjoying the nightlife of a city lit by neon, gazing upon a beautiful temple, or walking beneath flowering cherry blossoms. The possibilities are endless.

Driving tips and tricks

  • In Japan, traffic flows on the left and the steering wheel is on the right.
  • Japan is an ordered place, and this applies to the roads. Locals follow the rules, and you should too.
  • Speed limits are low on untolled roads, so it can be worth your while to pay the toll and get to your destination quicker.
  • Japan’s blood alcohol limit for drivers is set low, at 0.03%. It is recommended to avoid drinking entirely before you drive.

Picking up your Japan camper

You can pick up your campervan rental in Japan from Tokyo, the biggest city in the nation and home to a major air travel hub. Once you have made a booking, you will receive instructions on how to pick up your motorhome so you can begin your holiday smoothly.

Events in Japan

The 2019 Rugby World Cup takes place in Japan this year, and for fans and avid travellers offers a fantastic opportunity to take the road trip of a lifetime.

Things to do in Japan

There are endless options for things to do in Japan. Don’t leave Tokyo without seeing the pedestrian scramble of the Shibuya Crossing, an iconic and unique sight. The Imperial Palace offers a very different side to the city! As you head out into the rest of Japan, you could turn your motorhome towards one of the country’s many other vibrant cities like Sendai, Kyoto or Osaka.

The castles of Japan are scattered throughout the nation and fantastic stopping points for a campervan road trip - different from their European counterparts but just as pretty. Exquisitely manicured Zen gardens are another unique Japanese attraction, and if you want to see the best, visit one of the officially designated top three: Kairakuen in Mito, Kenrokuen in Kanazawa, and Korakuen in Okayama. For spectacular scenery, head to the nearest mountain town and enjoy a new side of Japan that’s far from busy urban streets and neon lights.

Cherry Blossoms in Japan

The blooming of the country’s cherry blossoms is a big event, and if your Japan campervan rental road trip happens during springtime, you should definitely experience it - whether that’s just by visiting one of the parks replete with cherry trees, or by taking part in the feasts, festivals and celebrations which happen all over the country.


As well as myriad hotels and typical accommodation options, camping is possible (and quite comfortable) all around Japan; the country has thousands of campsites. The “auto-camp jo” are the ones you want, these permitting vehicles onsite. “Michi-no-eki” are roadside rest stops throughout the nation offering free parking and restrooms at the least, and often much more: shops, eateries, cultural attractions and information centres. You can stay overnight at these ideal locations, for free.

Not just in Japan, you can also secure wonderful motorhome rentals from Romania, Italy, or Hungary or even grab a Polish campervan hire, all to be enjoyed with unmatched deals from GoSee.

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