Motorhomes and music festivals: 5 mistakes to avoid

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Kristof Haines
10 Feb, 2022
5 minutes to read

Do you have all your ducks in a row when it comes to music festival motorhoming?

Opting to stay in a motorhome is one of the best possible ways to get the most out of your music festival experience. Many music fests have camping spaces set aside for motorhomes, which means that you’ll step right into the festival experience almost as soon as you step out of your motorhome. Motorhoming is undeniably better than tenting, for festival-goers at least, as it allows you to have your own space, walls that are more than paper thin and (most importantly) gives you the option to use your very own toilet and shower. However, there are a few pitfalls you’ll want to watch out for to ensure that your experience stays excellent. See below for a few tips on what not to do next time you bring a motorhome rental to your favourite music festival.

Don’t hire the wrong kind of motorhome

But how would you ever know what the right kind is? Don’t worry, we have a few suggestions. Firstly, make sure you get a large enough motorhome rental. If you’re heading to the fest by yourself or with a partner, this won’t be too challenging but if you’re heading along with a small group of friends it can be easy to underestimate the size of the vehicle you’ll need. Rather than just figuring that “number of people = number of berths”, add a berth or two above your group size - this will allow everyone to enjoy some much needed personal space after a day spent in the midst of teeming crowds. Also, I’d strongly recommend choosing a self-contained motorhome. That way you can shake your head in pity at the poor fools lining up for an hour to get to the toilet, enjoy the luxury of a clean space and wash off the day’s dirt and sweat with an indulgent shower. Just be sure to check whether the festival campsite offers electrical hookups. 

A person reading on the bed above the cab in a motorhome.
Thousands of tents at a music festival.

Don’t bring too much stuff

This one is pretty straightforward. The plain fact is that you won’t really need to bring much for a music festival that is only going to last 3 or 4 days at the most but for some reason people are tempted to take far more things with them than if they were staying in a tent. Just because you are able to fit more “home comforts” or miscellaneous junk in a motorhome, it doesn’t mean that you should. This tendency is particularly unfortunate when it comes to those attending music festivals, because your motorhome rental can (and should) be your sanctuary from the clutter and craziness that is every music fest ever. Pack smart, bring the essentials along and leave behind everything that you can do without for a few days. It’ll improve your experience immensely.

Return your motorhome rental in tidy condition

It’s no secret that music festivals can be messy affairs, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all, but you won’t want to send your motorhome rental back looking like it’s been the site of a small scale mud battle. One easy way to reduce the amount of dirt that you track in is simply to take your shoes off as you come inside. Regardless of how careful you are, there’s no way the motorhome will stay pristine the whole time - you’re there to enjoy yourself after all, not to spend the weekend sweeping. Bringing along a brush and shovel (or a small handheld vacuum cleaner, if you have one) and doing a quick once over of the vehicle at the end of the weekend could save you a pesky cleaning fee from your supplier.

Four motorhomes parked together.
A campervan parked beside the beach at sunset.

Don’t leave booking your motorhome rental till the last minute

This is a good rule of thumb for anyone wanting to book a motorhome rental but it’s especially important for those planning to attend large scale events like music festivals. There’s the obvious risk that there won’t be any available vehicles by the time you come to book of course, but even if the situation isn’t as bad as all that, there’s a chance you’ll miss out on some great prices by waiting too long. When it comes to motorhome rental, most of the best deals go early so make sure you secure your booking as soon as possible in order to get the best price on your ideal motorhome model.

Ready to go?

Now that you have got all those tips at your hand, you just need to choose which music festival you want to go to. Here is a small list of the most popular ones to give you some ideas: