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Rent a car in the Caribbean paradise of US Virgin Islands

It’s difficult to choose which of the US Virgin Islands to love more: the tranquil tropical sands of St Croix, the unspoiled shores of St John or the cosmopolitan feel of St Thomas. Rent a car in USVI and explore your favourite locale all at your own pace and leisure. Full of history and a diverse culture, USVI is more than just an island paradise. Travellers enjoy historical tours, fairs and culinary geniuses of Caribbean flavors, museums and galleries, walks and water sports. Each of the islands has its own annual party, and these are not to be missed. 

USVI car rental has never been easier

Use our powerful search engine to find exactly the kind of vehicle you need, for the right dates with the best deals. Simply type in basic travel information to see and compare all the available rental cars. From compact cars to mini-vans and 4-wheel drives, you can then filter through to narrow down your options, making renting a car in USVI easy and stress-free. 

Airport rentals in USVI

Whether you fly into St Thomas or St Croix, your rental car will be there waiting for you to begin your Caribbean adventure. 

A popular cruise destination, St. Thomas attracts many tourists ready to bask in its natural beauty and relax in one of the many resorts. As well as shopping, sailing, and sightseeing, the island is home to a world-renowned golf course, and monthly family-friendly events to keep everyone entertained. 

Most known for its rum making, scuba diving and ancient forts, St Croix is the largest of the US Virgin Islands. St Croix is less touristy than the other islands and is the perfect place to head to for some local vibes. Wander along the breathtaking beaches, head into the tropical rain forest, or drive to visit some of the historical homesteads from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Houses on part of St Croix island.

Car rental suppliers in USVI 

Both airports in the Virgin Islands have a range of popular car rental brands, including Avis, Budget, Hertz, Ace, and Auto Europe. On St Thomas there is the additional option of Dollar car hire. Let us help you discern the best vehicle at the best deal for the island of your choice. A few clicks and you’re there!

USVI Road Rules

When driving in USVI, be aware of all the road rules for your safety, and the safety of others. 

  • Unlike the United States, USVI drive on the left hand side of the road. A lot of the cars, however, are left-side steering as the cars come from America. 
  • You must always wear your seatbelt. 
  • It is illegal to talk on your mobile phone while driving. 
  • The blood alcohol limit is 0.08%, but we recommend not drinking at all if you plan on driving later. 
  • The speed limit on the islands is 10-20 mph in downtown areas, and 35-55 mph on the Melvin Evans Highway. There are speed limit signs when it changes, so be on the lookout for those.

Palm trees on the beach in St Croix.

USVI Driving Tips

Here are some handy tips to make driving your rental car a breeze in these beautiful islands. 

  • Because the islands are mountainous, flat, straight roads are few. Be careful when going up steep roads, and always slow down around corners. 
  • Most of the time, the horn is used as a friendly signal rather than road rage. If someone uses short honks towards you, don’t be offended. They’re probably just letting you into traffic. 
  • Animals are commonly roaming free on the island roads, so as you drive be wary of chickens, goats and donkeys that may wander into your path. Watch out for potholes, too. 
  • Most of the roads on the islands have only 2 lanes, with a few exceptions. If you’re new to driving on the left hand side, stick to the 2 lane roads until you adjust. 
  • You’re all set! Pack your bags to begin your USVI adventure. 

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Jenny Everitt
The car was perfect for the weekend, but there was no counter at the airport for the Dollar car company I had rented....bit stressful. I needed to call to find out that I needed to go to the Hertz counter. Otherwise I would recommend the GoSee car rental experience.
Kellie Low
Good service at call centre
Needed to amend a booking, web site hard to re use,,.
So call centre sorted it all out for me thankyou.
Chris Jennings
Information easy to find. Then found it easy to book. Friendly and helpful service.
Graham Gunn
Easy to use. Communication was excellent.
The site made it reasonably easy to book the car with minimum effort
Brian Newton
My bookings are made simple and clear.
Just need to see how is the service at the counter!
Quang Dang Lam
Good web site - clear and easy to process
William Roger
Easy to book.
Esterlita Johnson