A taste of luxury: 5 dream rental cars

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Gareth Meade
14 Sep, 2021
4 minutes to read

Get behind the wheel of a luxury dream car

Whether you’re accustomed to a higher class of transportation or merely want to see how the other half lives, a luxury car rental can raise your trip from dull to dashing. It’s not hard to make a great impression and indulge yourself at the same time without ever having to buy one of these pricey models - if you’re tempted by the idea of turning your next journey into something a little more special with a luxury car, take a peek at the models below.

Dodge Challenger

If the sound of an iconic American muscle car appeals to you, you can’t do much better than a Dodge Challenger! Thanks to a proud tradition that stretches back to the 1950s, Chrysler has had plenty of time to refine this powerhouse. The current generation of Challenger was launched in 2008, harking back to 1958 original in many of its design elements while incorporating a number of modern innovations to keep the car on the cutting edge. Those who crave the feeling of unbridled power and an engine that purrs and roars like a big cat need to get behind the wheel of a Dodge Challenger at least once in their lives.

A black dodge challenger.
A black BMW 5 series parked on the road.

BMW 5 Series

While muscle is all very well, there is something to be said for understated class, a trait that the BMW 5 Series has in spades. Clear surfaces and precise contours dominate here, creating a majestic silhouette and an interior that is both sleekly modern and effortlessly classic. Luxurious touches include leather finishes, sports seats, and classic BMW flourishes. If you’re keen to experience classic style, then step into the luxurious environs of a BMW 5 Series.

Chevrolet Corvette

The sports car has always held a special place in the motoring market - appreciated by enthusiasts and casual drivers alike. Although it doesn’t quite have the luxury offered by a car like the BMW model above, there’s no denying that a top-shelf convertible has a charm all of its own. With enough grunt to stand up on the racetrack and enough grace to turn heads in the city, a Corvette is the perfect road trip luxury car for a summer vacation. Pop the top down, let the wind run through your hair, and soar down the highway with your favorite tunes blasting - what could be better?

A silver convertible corvette.
To take the wheel of a Mustang is to engage in a classic piece of American motoring history.
A red Ford Mustang on a street lined with palm trees.

Ford Mustang

It would be unfair to mention the Dodge Challenger without including the car that gave rise to the entire “pony car” class of vehicles, inspiring competitors like the Camaro, the Firebird, and the first generation Challenger itself. To take the wheel of a Mustang is to engage in a classic piece of American motoring history. Not to mention you’ll be driving the car that was immortalised in classic movies like Bullitt (Steve McQueen never looked so cool) and Diamonds Are Forever. Pair this car with an iconic long-haul road trip - Route 66 springs to mind - and you have the makings of an unforgettable journey.

Mercedes-Benz CLA

You didn’t really think we would leave Mercedes-Benz off this list, did you? After all, this is a manufacturer whose name is synonymous with luxury cars. The Mercedes-Benz CLA Class is an unashamedly large sedan, giving you the chance to enjoy an indulgently spacious interior. Of course, there’s more to this car than its hi-tech, top-quality interior. The body of this motoring masterpiece exudes power and impeccable taste, with just a hint of arrogance. Organic styling allows CLA models to impress while merely standing still. If you’re out to make a stellar impression, a Mercedes-Benz CLA luxury car will go above and beyond the call of duty.

A white mercedes-benz cla.

A screenshot of search results showing premium/luxury vehicle options.

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