8 reasons a motorhome holiday is good for your soul

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Gareth Meade
23 Sep, 2021
6 minutes to read

Discover more than the destination when you embark on a motorhome trip

Yes, taking a motorhome road trip is about exploring somewhere new, discovering hidden gems and the freedom of going where you please. But the places you see while on the road are just the beginning. The real reward comes from what this unchartered territory teaches. The way motorhome travel affects you goes far beyond ticking off a few items from an ever growing bucket list of destinations.

Here are a few of the reasons why a motorhome is more than just a set of wheels and place to stay.

1. You realise it doesn’t take much to be happy

A wardrobe full of clothes, the latest phone, the flashest watch. It’s not these things that make us happy. But it can be hard to remember that when the rat race becomes all-consuming and we get too focused on ‘things’ rather than experiences and memories.

You’ll get a glimpse of that when you pick up your motorhome and take a seat behind the wheel for the first time. You’ll feel the thrill of stopping for supplies, knowing that the next time you stop it will be somewhere new. And you’ll have that special moment of realising that getting away from it all and being on the open road can make you truly happy, and it didn’t take any of those ‘things’ to make it happen.

A person making a fire next to their campervan.
A person with their arms stretched out on a hike in the mountains.

2. You become more adaptable

There aren’t many modes of travel that cater to flexibility as much as a motorhome. With wheels at your feet and your bed in the back, you can go just about anywhere and do just about anything.

It’s truly freeing, and as you explore the reaches of what that freedom means, you’ll also quickly learn how to adapt to any situation. Perhaps a storm hits and you need to change your plans from a beach holiday to a mountain adventure at the last minute, or maybe you realise a big event is on in the next city tomorrow and you have to drive all night to make it happen.

Regardless of the why, the how will be the part where you learn just how adaptable you can be. 

3. You become more confident in yourself

This isn’t the kind of confidence that comes from a professional dental whitening or a new pair of jeans, this is the confidence that truly comes from within.

When you take on the world in a motorhome, you’re pushing yourself to take on the responsibility of driving, navigating, finding your way, getting lost, finding it again, and all the other small tasks that come with making your way through a road trip. With each passing day, you’ll find your confidence in yourself and your independence grow as you successfully explore a new pocket of the world. Self-reliance becomes a fierce part of your personality that will serve you wherever you go. 

4. You learn that all life’s upsets have a silver lining

Fact: the more you travel, the more things will go wrong. This is not a cautionary tale or a story to scare you away from discovering the world, but rather a simple truth. Whether it’s a lost bag, a flooded road, or a flat tyre, things don’t always go the way you plan.

But with this comes the realisation that even when things go wrong, you can handle it. And not only can you handle anything that comes your way, you will actually begin to see the bright side of every situation. You’ll likely meet new people, learn new skills, and see things you wouldn’t have otherwise every time you hit a metaphorical bump in the road - and this ability to see the good side will serve you throughout your life.

A person reading on the bed above the cab in a motorhome.
You’ll learn that human similarities cross borders, languages, and ages.
A couple sitting together near the edge of a cliff.

5. You’ll find a greater appreciation of human diversity

The further you go, the more people you will meet, and the more places you visit, the more chances you’ll have to meet people from all walks of life.

You’ll learn that human similarities cross borders, languages, and ages. That the things we share far outweigh our minor differences, and that no matter how many negative stories are in the news every day, there are good people to be found in every corner of the planet.

A motorhome lets you meet more people on your travels, as rather than being tucked away in a characterless hotel room, you’ll often find yourself sitting around campfires and cooking BBQs together with complete strangers. You’ll get chatting as you settle in each evening and you’ll talk some more when you pack up in the morning. You’ll share tips, stories, laughs, and the odd beverage as you appreciate all the differences and likenesses of humanity during your travels.

6. You’ll understand that the journey is all part of the experience

It’s easy to imagine that the point of school is to get an education, the point of work to earn a salary, the point of a drive to get from A to B.

The difference in a motorhome is that along the way, you’ll understand so much more happens during the transition from one point to another, that the journey matters just as much as the destination. This is in stark contrast to organised tours, which shuttle you (and a sizeable group of other people) briskly from one attraction to another, with no time to appreciate the world's small beauties along the way. No freedom, no flexibility, and little genuine connection with the places and people around you.

Instead of rushing from one point to another in a motorhome, stop for ice cream, take the path less travelled, get out and stretch, pull over for photos, and generally meander your way along until you get to your destination.

And it’s the perfect time to reflect on just how enjoyable that ‘getting from A to B’ part really was.

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7. You’ll be better at putting things into perspective

Standing on top of a mountain you’ve just hiked, you’ll struggle to remember why it was that you were so stressed about that email from your boss. You’ll realise that worrying about how you look in your new swimsuit is completely pointless, and that it doesn’t really matter that so-and-so isn’t currently talking to so-and-so.

All those petty little grievances of life melt away, and you gain 20/20 vision with perfect clarity on what really matters in life.

A motorhome will help you access the wilderness and take you to far flung destinations that will put those little things into perspective - and help lift their weight off your shoulders for good.

A person inside a cave with sun streaming in.
The stars and milky way at night.

8. You’ll never stop wondering

Call it curiosity, call it the travel bug, call it itchy feet - it doesn’t really matter what you call it, as you’ll never want to stop exploring either way.

The more kilometres you cover, the more lines you’ll want to explore on your map. With each new destination, the more places you’ll want to go. It’s the wonderful and weird truth of travel that for every trip you take, you’ll just want to take more.

And with more motorhome excursions comes more understanding of the world, perspective, appreciation, adaptation, and moments of realisation.