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Start your Basque adventure with a Bilbao motorhome rental

Bilbao is one of the most prized cities in Spain, and is the biggest city in the Basque region. Much like Alicante, Bilbao is an important port city that once had a gritty and industrial feel. Thanks to a massive redevelopment in the late 20th century, the city centre is now a revered showcase of local culture and architecture. Along your journey, you will also come across gorgeously golden beaches, the city’s delicious pintxos, the local version of tapas, and other remarkable sites like the world-famous Guggenheim museum. Plan your campervan hire Bilbao adventure with GoSee!

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Where to pick up your camper rental in Bilbao? 

If you’re flying into Bilbao, you have a few options for picking up your camper van rental. For example, if you book with Euromotorhome Rental, they will meet you upon arrival and show you to your vehicle in the airport car park. Autocaravan Express has a similar service, where you will be met and taken through the pick-up process at the airport. Another option could be Anywhere Campers, who are based in Prague, but will arrange to meet you at any major transport hub in your location (including Bilbao). 

Camping tips for your motorhome journey in Bilbao

Follow these tips to help you get the best out of your camper rental Bilbao trip from GoSee and your entire Spanish adventure.  

  • Drive SLOW - Since September 2020, 100% of Bilbao's roads have a maximum speed of 30 km/h. 
  • Unlike the rest of Spain, Bilbao’s main language is Euskera. But many residents still understand Spanish. 
  • Many shops stay open until much later than in other countries because of the nation’s midday napping hours. 

bilbao bridge river

What makes Bilbao the best starting point for your Spain holiday

Bilbao is the best place to get familiar with the region’s culture and traditions. This makes it feel uniquely different from exploring other Spanish cities, like Alicante or Barcelona in your campervan.

An impressive beacon of art, culture, leisure, and cuisine, Bilbao offers something for everyone, and in great supply. And one of the best parts about exploring Bilbao is that you won’t be running into many other tourists as it is still a relatively undiscovered gem for holidaying in Spain. So dive into all that Bilbao has to offer before it becomes an overcrowded hotspot! 

Learn the local language 

As a representation of Basque, you will find something strikingly different about Bilbao the moment you arrive—the language. The city’s main language is Euskera, a non-Latin language that is also spoken in other Basque cities and regions, including the Basque region of southern France. 

Compare tapas with pintxos 

Spain prides itself on its tapas culture, but Bilbao and other parts of the Basque country offer pintxos, pronounced “pinchos”. While tapas often resembles a smaller version of larger meals, pintxo is more like small snacks made up of various ingredients and held in place by a toothpick on a piece of bread.  

Whatever you call them, they are delicious and plentiful throughout Bilbao. We recommend checking out top pintxos spots like Gure Toki, El Globo taberna, and Sorginzulo while on your motorhome hire Bilbao tour.

See the top sights 

bilbao guggenheim museumTravelers visiting Bilbao often praise the gorgeous golden beaches that offer a more relaxed and laid-back feel at the coast compared to busier metropolitans you might visit in your campervan hire like Madrid

For those wanting a brush with art & culture during their Spain holiday, look no further than the prized jewel of the city—the world-famous Guggenheim museum. With an impressive metal ship-like building that is impressive on its own, the museum showcases some of the greatest art in the world 

Fans of architecture won’t want to miss Casco Viejo, an idyllic neighborhood known as Bilbao’s Old Town. Colorful buildings line the streets with plenty of shops and restaurants throughout. Casco Viejo also houses a good choice of sites like the Catedral de Santiago de Bilbao, the Archeological Museum, and the Plaza Nueva.

If you have time, you can also visit the famous square market Mercado de la Ribera and buy some local goods.

If you are up for a new tour aside from Spain, you may want to head to other locations like Australia. You may want to explore Sydney, Gold Coast, or Melbourne in a motorhome hire. Book with GoSee today!

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Having had an awful service with QEEB, despite having booked a car months ago, we needed to look for a new provider. It is only 3 weeks until our holiday so I was worried that we would face an expensive car hire. GoSee had reasonably priced cars and the experience was hugely different to that of QEEB.
GoSee website was easy to use, straight forward and we were able to save a quote for the car we were interested in. A member of the GoSee team called that evening to make sure we had all of the information we needed and she sent us through the quote again... Thank you for making a stressful situation much more tolerable!!
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Campervan rental Bilbao: Frequently asked questions

See all of our FAQs

Is there a minimum rental period? 

Most motorhome hire companies require you to rent for a minimum of one or two nights. You can verify this by checking directly on the companies page, or on the booking page when looking for the best deals through GoSee. 

How many people can drive the campervan? 

Generally, your rental agreement covers one driver, and while every Bilbao motorhome rental company is different, most companies charge for additional drivers listed on the rental booking. You can verify this during your booking process through GoSee. 

How can I choose the right RV for my road trip? 

To choose the right RV for your trip, you first need to consider how many people you will be travelling with. Larger groups will want to opt for more spacey and luxurious motorhomes, while solo or pairs of travelers can rent less extravagant RVs. With GoSee, you can easily find the best Bilbao motorhome rental for you and your itinerary. 

What age regulations apply to the renting of a motorhome?

In most cases, you need to be at least 21 years old to rent campervans or motorhomes. In Spain, you need to have a full driver’s license to drive a vehicle. Please check this requirement with the specific motorhome rental company. Otherwise, you can find out this information by beginning the booking process, as all insurance options are usually outlined on the booking page. 

Are pets allowed in a motorhome? 

Some companies forbid pets from traveling in campervans, but most allow it. Double-check by reading the terms and conditions for the rental. If you have questions or any special request, you may also contact our support team for help.

What features and services are included in the Bilbao motorhome rental? 

While it varies from company to company, camper rentals generally include unlimited Mileage and full bedding and kitchen equipment for rentals of 18+ days (available at additional cost for shorter rentals), and a free baby seat for 19+ day hires.

Search and compare prices and inclusions of camper vans for hire in Bilbao and find the best deal through GoSee.

What does the standard insurance cover include? 

Every Bilbao motorhome rental company provides different standard insurance covers for the primary driver, with optional covers for additional drivers. Generally, though, you can expect Full CDW Insurance with a variable excess based on the campervan model. You can check the specifics of the insurance cover when booking through GoSee.

Are the RVs supplied with a full fuel tank and how should I return them? 

RVs/autocaravanas are generally supplied with either a full or half full fuel tank. Rental companies expect their vehicles returned with the same or similar amount of fuel and may charge an additional fee if they are returned with less.