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Lost Campers is an American campervan rental company that’s family-owned, and has served more than 25,000 happy customers in just over a decade. Lost Campers USA aims to offer affordable campervans for visitors from all over the world to enjoy incredible road trips throughout the United States.

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Why choose Lost Campers USA?

Lost Campers USA is an affordable campervan brand that makes camper travel more accessible to more people. Here are some of the reasons why they have so many happy customers.

  • No fees for under 25-year-olds.
  • Easy insurance options.
  • No hidden fees.
  • No loud advertising or paint jobs on the vans.
  • 24-hour roadside assistance.
  • Low prices.
  • Unlimited mileage.
  • All bedding included.
  • All kitchen equipment included.
  • Additional equipment such as GPS available for hire.
  • All depots located roughly 10 minutes from airports for easy pick ups and drop offs.

The grand canyon.

Introducing the Lost Campers USA rental fleet

The Lost Campers USA fleet consists of 6 classes of campervan:

  • Redwood
  • Hotel Moab
  • Moab
  • Hotel Sierra
  • Sierra
  • Wanderer

All of these vehicles are the same size, except for the Redwood van which is a little bit larger than a regular mini van.

All vans are automatic, easy to drive and easy to park. With the exception of the Wanderer, they all come with a sink/countertop in the rear and a small RV pump sink for washing dishes. You can seat 5 people in all vans and the models that come with the rooftop tent (Hotel Moab & Hotel Sierra) will sleep 4-5 people. Stuffable luggage will fit in the storage area located underneath the bed box. All vans come with a full size futon mattress and the Hotels come with a second mattress in the rooftop tent. In addition, the rear windows are tinted and come with small curtains that combine to offer some privacy from the outside world. 

The Lost Campers fleet does not come with bells and whistles, but they will provide you with basic camping equipment such as linens and cooking gear. 


Our most spacious campervan that includes a dual battery, powered cooler & inverter. This van is larger than the rest of our fleet, and has lots of headroom. The Redwoods can sleep 2 people and seat 5. These Ford T-350s are easy to drive and park, and they're a great option for your next roadtrip! 

Available from our San Francisco location. Minimum driver age is 25 years old and additional terms apply. 

Hotel Moab

Includes a rooftop tent on top so you can sleep 4-5 people and seat 5. This van comes with a dual battery, powered cooler and power inverter.  


This is the same van as the Hotel Moab, but without the rooftop tent. The Moab van also comes with a shade awning and roof racks on top. You can seat 5 people and sleep 2.

Hotel Sierra van

This is the same van as the Hotel Moab, but it does not have a dual battery, powered cooler, or inverter. You can seat 5 people and sleep 4-5.

Sierra van

This is the same van as the Hotel Sierra but without the rooftop tent on top. The Sierra van also comes with a shade awning and roof racks on top. You can seat 5 people and sleep 2.

Wanderer van

These are what we like to call our road warrior vans. Despite being our oldest and most basic vans, they are very popular with international backpackers. There is no sink/countertop in the Wanderer van nor does it come with an awning or roof racks. You can sleep 2 people and seat 5.

A highway heading towards far off mountains.

Lost Campers locations in the USA

There are two major cities where you can rent a campervan in the USA from Lost Campers. Note that this company does allow one-way rentals between these locations.

San Francisco

The Californian coastline is one of the most endlessly beautiful road trips in the country, and as San Francisco is almost in the middle of it, it’s a great place to begin your travels. Follow the shoreline down to Los Angeles for a one-way adventure, or head inland for a San Francisco to Denver road trip to remember.

Los Angeles

Starting a campervan road trip in Los Angeles gives you a huge amount of freedom. Do you take Route 66 across the country, or head up the coastline? When your wheels are also your hotel for the night, it’s up to you!

Lost Campers USA: Frequently asked questions

How far in advance would I need to book my camper with Lost Campers?

It's advisable to book earlier, especially if you plan to travel during peak season, which is from June - Sept. If you leave your booking too late, you may have issues with availability and/or the price could be higher than if you booked earlier. 

Can I take the vehicle from one state to another state?

Yes, there is one-way travel allowed, as long as you end up in a State with a Lost Campers depot. Please note that there may be a cost associated with it.