Your ultimate 5-day guide for an epic road trip from Hobart

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Meghan Advent
12 Oct, 2022
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GoSee everything Tasmania has to offer

If you’re considering visiting the Land Under Down Under, you’ve come to the right place. Our comprehensive guide has all the goods on the incredible scenery and outdoor adventures waiting for you in Tasmania, as well as the answers to your logistical questions about time, distance, where to stay and what to do.

How many days do you need in Tasmania?

If you want to really take your time and drive across the entire state, you need at least 10 to 14 days to visit Tasmania. However, this guide assumes that, like most travellers, you are short on time and want to see all the highlights you can with the days you have.

Wellington Park is another haven of natural wonder and serenity which you can stop by on your Hobart road trip.
 People strolling in Salamanca Place on a clear autumn evening.

What are the most exciting places to visit on a 5-day Tassie tour?

Check out this list of fantastic destinations accessible from Hobart. Once you know what your must-see attractions are, you can choose one of three magnificent 5-day Tasmania itineraries to suit your family campervan road trip.


No matter which route you take, it’s worth spending some time getting acquainted with Tasmania’s beautiful capital city. Visit these hotspots that rival those of mainland Australia to keep the whole family entertained.

  • Wander the Waterfront
    Admire the converted colonial buildings and eclectic shops at Constitution Dock and have a tasty feed of fish n’ chips at Elizabeth Street Pier. If the little ones behave, you can treat them to a local favourite: VDL creamery.
  • Kunanyi / Mt Wellington
    Mt Wellington is the perfect opportunity to admire Hobart from above, and its summit is just 30 minutes from the city centre. Opt for the one-hour Organ Pipes Track or one of the other many family-friendly walking and biking trails. This is an excellent opportunity to stretch your legs before a long drive in the campervan.
  • Puddleduck Vineyard
    This family-friendly vineyard sits just 20 minutes outside of Hobart. The little ones can admire the duck pond and tucker themselves out at the playground while parents sample a glass of red or white.
  • The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA)
    Kids will adore the interactive displays at this offbeat museum, including a ‘poo machine’ and a fountain that drops words made out of water from above. It’s different; it’s fun, and it’s a perfect pit stop on your Tasmania itinerary. The MONA is open Friday through Monday, and bookings are essential.

Enjoy the white sandy beaches in Wineglass Bay.

Freycinet National Park

Perhaps the most celebrated park in Tasmania, Freycinet offers visitors white sandy beaches, craggy granite mountain tops, azure blue waters, and much more. Experience dreamy views and nature at its finest.

  • Wineglass Bay
    An iconic destination on most Tasmania itineraries, Wineglass Bay draws visitors the world over. It's considered one of the world’s best beaches and offers myriad adventures for families to enjoy.
  • Cape Tourville Lookout
    A cruisy 600-metre walk accessible by wheelchair and prams, take your time enjoying this scenic boardwalk as the views are simply breathtaking.
  • Honeymoon Bay
    A sheltered cove that provides a calm and shallow swimming spot for families. The shallow water also makes it a little warmer than swimming in other parts of the park.

World Heritage listed Port Arthur Historic Site is the best preserved convict site in Australia.

Port Arthur Historic Site

History buffs must add this former convict settlement to the top of their 5-day Tasmania bucket list. A place of storytelling and sightseeing, this 18th and 19th-century heritage site is brimming with intrigue.

  • Port Arthur Historic Site logistics
    The Port Arthur Historic Site covers more than 40 hectares (100 acres) of open land, and most of your visit will be spent outdoors, so keep this in mind when planning your outfit and footwear. Definitely pack a pram for the wee ones, as they (and parents) will likely tire out quickly with the wide open spaces of this historical site. There are dining options to suit everyone. Book ahead for your visit.
  • Tours
    Choose from multiple tours to explore the settlement, from a walking-true-crime adventure tour to a journey-into-past-lives cemetery tour. Prepare to be entertained, thrilled, and moved.
  • Family-friendly activities
    Discover the secrets of Port Arthur through the ‘Hidden Stories’ Activity Book. This is an excellent way for children to explore the site and learn about Port Arthur’s history as they search for answers, complete puzzles and collect stamps. The activity book is free of charge and suitable for ages 7-12. Ask for a copy at the ticketing desk when you arrive at the Port Arthur Visitor Centre.

Cradle Mountain offers a popular hike to a summit with lake views.

Cradle Mountain - Lake St. Clair National Park

A destination for all seasons, Cradle Mountain is a hotspot for outdoor adventurers. If hiking and wildlife watching are high on your list, this stunning location must be included on your Tasmania itinerary from Hobart.

  • Cradle Mountain Trails
    St. Clair National Park offers a world-class system of walking tracks, including very short and easy strolls to suit little legs. The breathtaking landscapes are worth venturing down more than a few.
  • Tasmanian wildlife
    This spectacular national park provides the opportunity to encounter Tasmanian devils, quolls, platypus, echidna, wombats and the highly inquisitive black currawong. Don’t miss your chance!

Red lichen covered rocks on beach, Bay of Fires.

Bay of Fires Conservation Area

Fire-coloured lichen encrusted on granite boulders gives this dreamy bay its name, but it’s the vibrant orange hue against a backdrop of powder white sand and turquoise water that gives it legendary status. A visit here offers a feast for the senses in the most relaxing way possible.

  • Beach walking
    Meander along a string of breathtakingly beautiful beaches, interspersed by lagoons and rocky bluffs. Soak in spectacular views and experience a supremely unique seaside stroll.
  • Binalong Bay
    The area's main beach is a wonderful spot for swimming or surfing. Abundant marine life and clear waters around the offshore reefs also make for terrific diving and snorkelling.

Cataract George Bridge overview.


The second largest city in Tasmania offers a beautiful blend of urban delights and rugged wilderness. Its heritage as one of the oldest settlements in Australia is displayed through its architecture, while its modern status as a UNESCO City of Gastronomy can be sampled at one of the many fantastic restaurants or the famed Saturday farmers market.

  • Cataract Gorge Reserve
    The Cataract Gorge Reserve (known locally as the Gorge) is an unexpected urban treat. Just 2 minutes from Launceston CBD (or 15 minutes walking), this natural formation offers walking and hiking trails, the world's longest single-span chairlift, a swimming pool, restaurant, kiosk, cafe, wildlife, gardens, suspension bridge, inclinator for easy access, Interpretation Centre and panoramic lookouts with spectacular views. The entrance is free.
  • Tamar Island Wetlands Walk
    Explore a unique Australian ecosystem just 10 minutes north of Launceston. Visit the interpretation centre to learn about the fascinating ecosystem comprising islands, mudflats, and lagoons. Wander along the stroller-friendly 1.5-kilometre boardwalk (one way) to Tamar Island. The little ones will love walking in this natural habitat and viewing a diverse collection of birds, frogs, fish, and mammals.

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This seaside sanctuary is a relaxing little town on the east coast of Tasmania. Seafood lovers must make room for it on a 5-day Tassie tour.

  • Governor Island Marine Reserve
    Take to the sea to enjoy incredible snorkelling and diving opportunities provided by the temperate waters and vibrant reefs offshore Bicheno. Or, if you prefer to stay dry, hop in a glass bottom boat!
  • East Coast Nature World
    Enjoy Tasmania’s wildlife up close with the intimate and interactive experiences provided by this long-time running park. The variety of birds, animals and flora will enthrall the kids, and the pram-friendly boardwalks make it easy for everyone to participate.

blog bruny island beach

Bruny Island

Attention, foodies! The sensational local produce unique to this region makes this a must-see destination on your 5-day itinerary from Hobart. A 20-minute ferry ride will bring you to this pair of spectacular islands - North and South Bruny. Enjoy fresh honey, cheese, chocolate and more.

  • Truganini Lookout
    A short drive and a bit of physical effort will get you to the magnificent view that is The Neck - a narrow, long isthmus connecting the north and south ends of Bruny Island. Enjoy 360-degree views of both sides of the neck, the islands and mainland Tasmania.

Where should I go on my 5-day itinerary from Hobart?

Now that you know the major hotspots, it’s time to narrow down your options for Tasmania itineraries starting from Hobart. We have listed three potential trips covering various highlights and suiting different travel styles. Whichever route you take, we recommend securing campervan hire in Hobart well in advance.

Uncover the hidden gems and delight in picturesque views of Tasmania's capital, Hobart.

5-day Tasmania itinerary from Hobart - Option 1

See everything you can

This 5-day Tasmania itinerary from Hobart covers a lot of ground. While you will have limited time to explore, you will have a chance to visit the state’s two largest cities and its most incredible natural wonders.

  • Strahan 
  • West Coast 
  • Cradle Mountain 
  • Launceston 
  • Bicheno 
  • Freycinet National Park 
  • Hobart 

Day 1: Hobart to Strahan (4.25 hours)

  • Stop in Russell Falls 
  • Stop in Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park blog cradle mountain pathway forest
  • Stop in Queenstown 
  • Explore Strahan  

Day 2: Strahan to Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park (2 hours) 

  • Explore Strahan 
  • Explore the West Coast 

 Day 3: Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park to Launceston (2 hours 10 min)

  • Explore Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park 
  • Explore Launceston 

Day 4: Launceston to Bicheno (2 hours)

  • Explore Launceston 
  • Explore Bicheno 

 Day 5: Bicheno to Hobart (2 hours 10 min)

  • Explore Freycinet National Park 
  • Stop in Swansea 
  • Stop in Orford 
  • Explore Hobart  

5-day Tasmania itinerary from Hobart - Option 2

East Coast Bliss

This Tasmania itinerary from Hobart focuses on the East Coast, offering the chance to enjoy the state’s most celebrated seaside delights and its most famous national parks.

  • Maria Island National Park 
  • Orford 
  • Swansea 
  • Freycinet National Park 
  • St. Helens 
  • Bay of Fires 

Day 1: Hobart to Orford (1 hour)blog wombats

  • Explore Hobart 
  • Explore Maria Island National Park 

Day 2: Orford to Swansea (40 mins)

  • Explore Orford 
  • Explore Swansea 

 Day 3: Swansea to Freycinet National Park (30 mins)

  • Explore Freycinet National Park 

Day 4: Freycinet National Park to St Helens (1 hour)

  • Explore St Helens 

Day 5: St. Helens to Hobart (4 hours)

  • Explore Bay of Fires  

5-day Tasmania itinerary from Hobart - Option 3

A bit of everything

This Tassie itinerary introduces you to some of the most exciting aspects of the state, including jaw-dropping scenery, historical intrigue and phenomenal food.

  • Bicheno
  • Freycinet National Park
  • Port Arthur
  • Tasman Island
  • Bruny Island

Day 1: Hobart to Bicheno (3 hours)

  • Explore Bicheno 

Day 2: Bicheno to Freycinet National Park (10 minutes) blog port arthur building water

  • Explore Freycinet National Park 

Day 3: Drive to Port Arthur (3 hours) 

  • Explore Tasman National Park 
  • Explore Port Arthur 

Day 4: Drive Port Arthur to Bruny Island (3 hours) 

  • Explore Bruny Island 

Day 5: Drive Bruny Island to Hobart (2 hours) 

  • Explore Hobart 

A kangaroo with a campervan in the background in a campground.

Why a campervan is the best way to travel 

Tasmania’s well-kept roads, modern facilities and incredible natural attractions make it one of the most ideal locations for campervan travel. Plus, with a Hobart motorhome, you can: 

  • Save time. Without having to pack and unpack each day, you can get out on the road sooner and cover a lot more ground. 
  • Save money. By combining your transportation and accommodation into one expense, you can budget more efficiently - plus, cooking facilities in the campervan allow for less food expenditure. 
  • Recharge. Tasmania offers an abundance of jaw-dropping scenery and phenomenal outdoor activities. Camping gives families a better chance to spend more time in nature. 
  • Make memories. Camping trips allow for quality time that is unlike any other holiday. The shared space and adventurous activities provide the perfect conditions for family bonding.

Tasmania provides one of the most unique environments for camping in Australia. Maximise your 5-day itinerary by renting a motorhome that suits your unique plans.

Camping in Freycinet is in high demand, particularly over the summer months and at Easter

Where to stay

On your 5-day Tasmania road trip itinerary from Hobart, you’ll need to know the best places to park up your campervan or motorhome. Below is a list of the most highly rated campground sites suited to campervan travel near the state’s best attractions. 

Freycinet National Park Campground  

Camping in Freycinet is in high demand, particularly over the summer months and at Easter. Due to the popularity of these campsites, a ballot system operates for camping between 18 December – 10 February and Easter. During this period, a maximum of 10 nights can be booked. Outside of this period, there is a maximum 14-night stay. ​ See booking information for details. 

  • The Richardsons Beach Campground (adjacent to the visitor centre) has accessible toilets and 18 powered sites to suit small campervans and motorhomes. 

A pier heading out onto the water.
Launceston harbour at night.

Fortescue Bay at Tasman National Park 

​​​​​The beauty and accessibility of Fortescue Bay Campground makes it a popular choice for Tasmania itineraries year-round. Bookings are recommended from November through April but are not required in the off-season. This is a pocket of paradise with spectacular scenery, white sandy beaches, exotic wildlife, sparkling clear water, and so much more. 

  • ​​Mill Creek Campground has large sites suitable for campervans and motorhomes. Generators are permitted here but must be switched off by 9pm.  

Big4 Launceston 

Conveniently located in the heart of Launceston, this is a comfortable base for the activities and attractions in the area. From here, you are within walking distance of Cataract Gorge, as well as markets, museums, wilderness walks, winery tours, and outdoor adventures.   

  • There are several powered sites to choose from, and the grounds offer wireless internet, a brand new amenities block, a children's playground including a giant jumping pillow, barbecues and a camp kitchen.

Discovery Parks – Cradle Mountain National Park

Immersed in the Tasmanian wilderness, this campground is the perfect base to explore the area. Enjoy guided and non-guided walks for all fitness levels, canoe tours, horseback trail rides and helicopter flights. Learn about local wildlife, walk in the Dove Lake Circuit, and meet resident Tasmanian Devils.

  • Powered sites for motorhomes and campgrounds sit amongst beautiful tall trees and lush vegetation with proximity to laundry facilities, WiFI, BBQ, a camp kitchen and kiosk/store. Do note that the park is currently undergoing facility upgrades.

Cradle Mountain offers a popular hike to a summit with lake views.

Ready to book?

A campervan parked amongst trees next to the water.

How do I organise a Hobart campervan hire? 

Now that you know the most beautiful parts of Tasmania and how much you can see in five days, it’s time to plan. Browse motorhome rentals from GoSee and make the most of your next holiday.