Top 5 Wonderful Places to Experience Snow Near Sydney

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Sarah Glover
10 Nov, 2022
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Enjoy a bit of winter wonderland

Where’s the closest snow to Sydney? It might be closer than you think! Most people think of Australia as an endless summer destination. And while there are some parts of this vast and diverse nation that are warm year-round, there are others that experience white winters and cooler periods.   

Whether you’re a local or enjoying a winter campervan rental adventure in Australia’s biggest city, heading out in search of some snow is a fun activity for the colder months. Although it doesn’t snow in Sydney itself, there are plenty of spots nearby where you can see the white stuff, make a few snowmen, and even indulge in a spot of skiing, snowboarding, or other snow sports.

Sydney snow season 

Winter in Australia takes place during the months of June, July, and August. And while parts of the country—particularly the northern reaches—remain hot and steamy year-round, there is often snowfall in parts of New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania.  

Generally, the snow season in New South Wales will start in mid-June and run through to the end of September or even October. Ski resorts are usually open during these months, and it’s when you’ll have the greatest likelihood of experiencing snowfall in one of the areas where it can occur. Of course, weather and climate are unpredictable and you never know when or whether the white stuff will arrive during any given year. To increase your chances, visit in July or August. 

Snow in Sydney itself is extremely rare. During the winter months it is cool but mild, a great time to visit for those who prefer to avoid the heat. Daytime average temperatures are at around 16-18 degrees Celsius, while nights can drop below ten. Just bring an umbrella in case of precipitation if you’re visiting in the winter time. 

Aerial view of the countryside covered in snow.
A campervan driving down a snow and tree lined street.

Get moving in a motorhome 

A campervan is a fantastic option for anyone seeking snow near Sydney. The flexibility of accommodation on wheels means you can adjust your schedule and itinerary to go where it’s snowing, and most modern campervans are well-equipped with heaters and insulation to create a cosy space for living and sleeping when you’re not out exploring. 

Pick up a campervan in Sydney and take advantage of the low season in New South Wales for a memorable winter adventure! With fewer people on the roads and at the attractions, it’s an excellent opportunity to explore the city and beyond—with the added bonus of fun in the snow if you can find some! 

Below are our top five picks for those who want to enjoy snow during their motorhome rental holiday. Have a read of the possibilities and start making plans. 

The Blue Mountains 

Just an hour west of Sydney, this mountainous region is one of the most convenient places to visit for snow-seekers departing Sydney. The Blue Mountains National Park is heritage-listed and stunning year-round, with the famous Three Sisters rock formation, waterfalls, and hiking tracks always worth a visit. And being so close to the city, it’s easily accessible on short notice. Keep an eye on the weather forecast during your campervan trip in Sydney and head out for a day trip if snow is predicted. 

While there are no ski resorts in these mountains, popular spots for tobogganing, snow ball fights, and other activities include the public parks and reserves in Blackheath, Katoomba, and Mount Victoria. The national park often becomes a white winter wonderland and is an excellent spot for snowy scenery. Snow is never guaranteed in the area, so check the weather before making a trip to the Blue Mountains if you have your heart set on the white stuff. 

The Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains covered in snow.
In addition to the typical snowsports you can take backcountry tours and gondola rides, enjoy Bavarian-style meals high up on the mountain, and experience zero gravity at the Thredbo Leisure Centre.
Two people hiking in the snowy mountains.

The Snowy Mountains 

It’s in the name! This mountain range between Sydney and Melbourne, at the border of New South Wales and Victoria, is a bit more of a trek from the city at around a five to six-hour drive, but it’s a slightly more reliable prospect for snow seekers. If you’re planning a week or long weekend Australian trip to the snow, this is a great destination. 

The large area includes several ski resorts: Thredbo, Perisher, and Charlotte Pass (in Kosciuszko National Park) are probably the most well-known of these. While there are never any guarantees of snowfall, the resorts usually have coverage from mid or late June until around September. The region also has plenty of towns, lakes, cross country trails, terrain parks and activities to keep you occupied if you are not interested in snow sports or ski hire and just want to see some flurries. There are also many accommodation options. 

The Snowy Mountains village of Thredbo is Australia's highest ski resort. It is very popular year round ideal for beginner to intermediate skiers, and a great family destination. In addition to the typical snowsports you can take backcountry tours and gondola rides, enjoy Bavarian-style meals high up on the mountain, and experience zero gravity at the Thredbo Leisure Centre.

Corin Forest 

This mountain resort in the Tidbinbilla mountain range is the closest ski resort to Sydney at less than four hours’ drive from the city, an affordable and accessible recreation destination that’s home to the longest alpine slide in the southern hemisphere. It’s within the Australian Capital Territory, close to Canberra.  

Corin Forest is very family-friendly, and there are facilities not only for skiing or snowboarding but snow play of all kinds: tobogganing, frolicking, snowman building, and more. In fact, there’s a purpose-built snow play area that’s ideal for kids. Nearby Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve is also well worth a visit, a fantastic place to spot wildlife including koalas, emus, kangaroos, wombats, and more. Gibraltar Falls is also a popular stop for the picturesque waterfall and picnic area. 

While it does not often snow in Canberra itself, it does fairly frequently in the nearby mountains. The capital city is a great place to stay a few days during your winter road trip for sightseeing and snow seeking. 

Snow on the ground in a forest.
Aerial view of Lake Oberon.


Just a little beyond the Blue Mountains and around a two-and-a-half or three-hour drive from Sydney is this rural town that enjoys four distinct seasons—including an often-showy winter! It has an elevation of 1,113m and is surrounded by pine forests and wilderness. The town is also home to Mayfield Garden, Australia’s largest privately-owned cool climate garden, open to the public for an entry fee. A fantastic place to enjoy a scenic snowy stroll when the weather is right. 

Oberon gets snow fairly reliably. It even got a dusting on the first official day of winter in 2022. With plenty of parks and public spaces. Lake Oberon is a focal point for outdoor recreation—imagine a lakeside walk around the foreshore in winter wonderland conditions! 

Snow Time in the Gardens, Hunter Valley 

The Hunter Valley Gardens is just two hours from Sydney and hosts the Snow Time in the Gardens event each year in June. This is ideal for travellers who need to plan their winter frolicking in advance. While the snow and ice may be man-made, it’s a sure thing that you can work into your itinerary.

The event celebrates the winter season with a range of fun family activities. There’s an ice skating rink, an ice toboggan, a snow play area, snow cave, carnival rides, and more for snow lovers. Of course, the event has an array of food trucks serving up winter-appropriate treats. Check out the Hunter Valley Gardens website for details. 

A mist covered valley in Hunter Valley.

Ready to book?

A Jucy campervan driving on a snow covered road.

Time to get going

These are just a few of the places you could go to see snow near Sydney—and the further you’re willing to drive, the broader the possibilities. Victoria also has some cross country skiing resorts and destinations with a good chance of snowfall. With a motorhome rental from Sydney, you can create your dream winter road trip.