The Backyard Bucket List New Zealand

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Gareth Meade
28 Jan, 2022
3 minutes to read

The top 50 true hidden gem locations in the country

It’s time to dust off your bucket list in 2022 because GoSee has crunched the data to reveal the true top hidden gems in New Zealand and they’re sure to ignite your wanderlust! 

We’ve created the ultimate ‘Backyard Bucket List’ that contains 50 of the most unusual, hidden, fantastic and awesome locations in the country, to encourage Kiwi’s to ‘GoSee’ these hidden gems that await on our very own doorstep. 

By analysing data from Atlas Obscura, a global travel community and database of the world’s most wondrous places, we discovered the most coveted and popular, but least actually visited locations, revealing a list of true hidden gems that a relative few have actually seen! 

Venture to ‘GoSee’ the location that claims the longest place name in the world, can you memorise Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauo tamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronuku pokaiwhenuakitanatahu? Or, explore the magic of nature by adventuring into the Waipu Caves that are home to a galaxy of glowworms that hide within.

Check out GoSee’s full Backyard Bucket List below and discover the top true hidden gems broken down by island. Save the maps links below to your phone, or make sure you’ve got a pen and paper handy and let’s ‘GoSee’, go explore and go adventure!

The Backyard Bucket List map.

Research Methods

GoSee analysed Atlas Obscura data for over 100 hidden, bizarre and unusual locations in New Zealand to discover the places that the most people ‘wanted to visit’ but the least people had actually ‘been’ to reveal the true hidden gems of NZ! The top 50 were then used to compile GoSee’s backyard bucket list and were categorised by location type and island. Data correct as of January 2022.

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