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Gareth Meade
11 Mar, 2022
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The more you know

You already have enough on your plate when planning a trip, so let us make selecting a rental car easy for you. Below we have answered some of the burning questions people have when hiring a car. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be prepared to find the perfect vehicle, breeze through the collection process and then get on the road, whether it be for business, pleasure or both! 

The basics

What are the rental requirements?

  • Meet the renting location's minimum age requirements.
  • Present a valid driver's license.
  • Present a major credit card in their name at the time of rental, with available credit. In addition to the anticipated cost of the rental, an additional amount may be required.
  • Meet the requirements based on their deposit type. Present a debit card or other acceptable form of payment subject to the qualification outlined in the Methods of Payment.
  • Please check you meet all the requirements stipulated on the terms and conditions before placing a booking.

Can I prepay the whole hire now?

Please check the terms and conditions to see the payment policy of the vehicle you are interested in. Some rental companies on our website demand prepayment (full payment before the rental commences). For companies who require the balance to be paid when you pick up the vehicle, you must contact the company after your booking is confirmed to check whether they will accept your early payment.

What payment options do you offer?

While making a booking on our website you can make payment by Visa and Mastercard. Debit cards can be used for bookings, but a credit card in the driver’s name will be required when picking up the vehicle.AMEX and Paypal will be available only to Australian residents if the website's options are displayed. Payment at the counter will be as per the rental's company terms.

Can I book a one way trip?

Yes, most of our suppliers allow one-way rentals, please note that a One-way fee (drop off fee/location fee) may apply in such cases this can be included in the total price or be separate to be payable at the counter.

Now that you know the basics, keep reading to find out about the kind of licence you need, adding additional drivers and whether or not you can bring along your furry friend. 

If you're looking for location specific FAQs, you can find these on our destination page, which we have for New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States

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Licence and drivers

Is my driver's license acceptable?

All drivers must hold a full, current, unrestricted driver's license that is valid for the whole rental period. All documents must be original as scanned or photocopies will not be accepted. Please check the full terms as some rental companies might require you to have your license held for a certain period.

What are the age restrictions when hiring a car?

Be aware that many countries have a minimum and maximum age for renters. Drivers under the age of 25 or over the age of 70 may face surcharges or not be permitted to rent at all.

If you are under 25 years of age, you may have to pay a young driver surcharge. Keep in mind that even if you do fit the age requirements to rent a car, you still need to hold a valid and full driver's license. Some car rental companies require you to have held a valid driver's license for a year. Check the rental company's terms and conditions or call our customer care team for more information.

Can I add an additional driver?

Yes, additional drivers are authorized to drive the vehicle. They need to be expressly mentioned/identified on the rental agreement. Fees may apply and all drivers must be present when picking up the car to sign the rental agreement.

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Once you're done digesting our FAQs, check out GoSee's range of vehicles for yourself. We partner with suppliers around the world to bring you great deals and exceptional choice. 

For those looking to combine their travel and accommodation, GoSee also offers motorhome rentals. You can read our motorhome FAQs as well. 

Inclusions and extras

Are the kilometers or miles included in the rental?

Most rental cars include unlimited miles/km’s in the daily cost unless stated otherwise. Some will come with only limited mileage and this will be specified under the rates inclusion or price details.

(Cars) Can I book additional extras or equipment?

Yes, you can select any required extras or equipment (e.g. GPS, child seats) in the 'Select extra items' section during the booking process, or if you already have a booking, through the 'Manage optional extras' menu item, located under 'Manage your booking' menu on your confirmation page.

Can I travel with pets?

Policies are different for each car rental company, so you will need to check before you pick up your vehicle whether pets are permitted.Some car rental companies allow pets in their vehicles, and you must return in the vehicle the same condition in which it was rented out. Cleaning fees will apply if there is any damage from the pet.

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