Can I Take My Pet? Animal-Friendly Motorhome Suppliers

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Meghan Advent
4 May, 2022
4 minutes to read

Travelling by motorhome with your furry friend

For those of us with furry family members, going on holiday often means deciding whether to bring those loveable creatures along or leave them behind. Fortunately, you have plenty of options when travelling by campervan. Yes - fur real! We’ve compiled useful information about travelling with pets, a list of specific pet-friendly companies across various countries, and helpful guidance for bringing your bestie along. 

How do I find pet-friendly campervan hires?

Remember - not every company will allow pets, so you must select the ‘Pet-friendly’ filter when searching for campervans to narrow down your results. Then, check the specific terms to make sure you understand the individual pet policies and any associated costs.

Which countries offer pet-friendly motorhome hires?

We’ve compiled a list of motorhome hire companies that offer pet-friendly rentals, and categorised them by country. Check out the options for your holiday destination.

A man sitting in the doorway of a motorhome with this two dogs.
A pug sitting in the back of a campervan.


See the wonders of the United States with your pet by your side for no additional fee with Cruise America, Escape Campervans and El Monte RV hires. There are no restrictions on the type of pet you can take, whether it’s your dog, cat, goldfish, goat, monkey or marmot. Although, if you turned up wanting to take a tiger on board, there might be a problem. The only condition is that you clean up after your four-legged friend - a pretty mild demand!


Cruise Canada and Canada’s arm of Escape Campervans are happy for you to travel with your beloved pet on your Canada motorhome holiday for no extra fee. You also have more options with Four Seasons RV Rentals and Fraserway RV Rentals, which will allow your pets for an additional fee. 

As long as your furry friend is well-behaved and you clean up after them, you’re good to go. Paw-some, right?

Exploring the wonders of New Zealand can only be made better with a fuzzy family member on board.


If you’re hitting the road Down Under, there are a number of campervan hire companies that will allow Fido to climb aboard certain vehicles. Hippie Campers, Mighty Campers, Britz, Apollo, and Cheapa Campa have pet-friendly options at no additional charge. Autosleepers Australia allows furry friends for an additional fee. Always check the specific terms of each rental before booking. 

New Zealand

Exploring the wonders of New Zealand can only be made better with a fuzzy family member on board. Similarly to Australia, there are several companies that will allow pets to join you on certain vehicles, including Hippie Campers, Mighty Campers, Britz, Apollo, Cheap Campa, and Maui New Zealand. Check the terms before booking.   

United Kingdom

The UK has fewer campervan rental options for bringing your pets along, but certainly enough to make it happen. Bunk Campers and Anywhere Campers offer pet-friendly rentals for no additional cost, and McRent will let your furry friends on board for an extra charge.  

A person holding a dog at a cafe.

Ready to book?

A person walking with their service dog.

Certified service dogs

Travelling with a service dog, whether that be an emotional support, therapy or disability dog, is generally allowed across the board with campervan companies. Just be sure to indicate this upon making your booking.

Where can you go?

Even if your campervan hire allows pets, you’ll need to make sure you’re checking into a pet-friendly holiday park. While some are happy to host animals, there may be some restrictions (e.g. type of animal, breed, on-leash only), while some may not allow pets at all.

In addition to this, some areas including selected national parks have restrictions on which animals can enter in order to help protect vulnerable wildlife. When choosing where to take your furry friend, make sure you Google whether it allows pets beforehand to avoid disappointment.

Some holiday parks are so welcoming of pets that they actually have kennels where your dog can be looked after for the day while you’re out exploring. If you do your research, you’ll find you have many fantastic options. Always book well in advance to get the best selection.