Are you covered? Insurance and excess cover for motorhome rentals

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Gareth Meade
19 May, 2022
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A simple explanation of motorhome insurance: Roam with peace of mind

A holiday is wonderful, a holiday with peace of mind is even better. Insurance is one of those details that we would rather forget about in favour of itineraries and activities, but it is an important part of travel planning and one that should be squared away before you depart. Renting a motorhome brings with it some unique things to consider, but fortunately GoSee can make this process a stress free one. This article is intended to simplify those details in a few short sentences so that you can enjoy an adventurous and nomadic journey with no worries.

Insurance included with every rental

Generally, a degree of insurance will come part and parcel of your motorhome rental. Suppliers are not often willing to rent out their vehicles completely uninsured, so they include cover in the rental price. The level of cover varies - most basic cover options have a hefty excess of several thousand dollars, and may not include insurance for things like tyre or windscreen damage. The rental company may retain a bond on your credit card, which may equal the excess the rental company hold you liable for if there is damage to the vehicle upon it’s return.

The interior of a motorhome showing the steering wheel, gear stick and radio.
A motorhome in a ditch after an accident.

When booking a particular vehicle on GoSee, you will be given the choice of the supplier’s insurance options. These vary between companies, with some offering extensive coverage at added cost and others offering a variety of plans with different excess amounts - this being the amount to be paid before the insurance kicks in. It's a good idea to read the terms and conditions to understand exactly what is and isn't insured. 

If you have an accident or otherwise damage the motorhome during your travels, you will need to immediately contact your rental supplier and have them arrange for whatever repairs are required. As long as you haven't breached the supplier's terms and conditions (for example, driving on the beach if this was prohibited), the excess will be taken from your bond, and everything else covered by the insurance policy - unless it is a specific type of damage which is not included.

Taking out excess insurance can seem like an unnecessary cost when you are planning your holiday, but when you are in a pinch it will be a huge relief to know that you are covered.

Excess Cover

Where supplier insurance can't aid you, GoSee offers cover on behalf of and Riverside Underwriting - depending on where you live. This is a separate insurance product with policies tailored to the customer, and it will take care of your excess so that you're free to travel in tranquillity. It is a reimbursement cover, so after you have paid any excess required and as long as you have driven within the terms and conditions of the rental agreement and policy, you will be reimbursed up to the amount stated in the policy. 

Excess Refund Cover is available to customers from many different countries, including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic. It covers a range of mishaps that could befall the motorhome traveller. These include weather-related claims, fire damage, damage to tyres, windscreens and glass (often excluded from supplier policies), collisions with animals, theft or attempted theft, towing costs and more.

Both's and Riverside Underwriting's policies also cover a few extras, including cover for lost or stolen keys, administration costs and loss of use fees.

Changing a tyre on a campervan.

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Why take independent excess refund insurance?

While many rental companies offer their own version of excess cover, the independent excess refund cover we offer here at GoSee on behalf of different underwriters has several advantages.

  • Customers will have an advocate who can help them with the claim process and also help them to work with the rental company to square away all the details.
  • Policies have well-established underwriters and cover holders which are local to their part of the world.
  • The independent excess refund cover covers a range of damages sometimes excluded by the rental company's excess cover. For example, tyres and windscreens.

Taking out excess insurance can seem like an unnecessary cost when you are planning your holiday, but when you are in a pinch it will be a huge relief to know that you are covered. When booking your next adventure, make sure you are protected against unexpected events and set off to explore your destination with no worries weighing on your mind.