4 Incredible Places to See A Natural Light Show

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Sydney’s annual festival of light, Vivid, transformed the city into a celebration of music, light and culture during May and June. But Australia has long been host to some incredible natural light shows that can be seen throughout the year if you know where to look…

To mark the end of Vivid for another year, GoSee has put together 4 of our favourite places to spot your very own natural light show in Australia! From the dancing lights of the Aurora Australis to twinkling tunnels lit up by glow worms, there’s something spectacular to be seen all year round even once the lights of Vivid dim.

1. Aurora Australis (The Southern Lights) - Tasmania

Best time to spot: May - August

First on the list has got to be the spectacular southern lights! The Southern Hemisphere’s Aurora Australis illuminate the sky with colourful ribbons of green, blue, and purple most commonly viewed throughout the winter months. Getting as far south as possible will increase your chances of witnessing the phenomenon and clear, dark nights are essential. Although the aurora can be unpredictable due to solar winds and sunspots they’re well worth the wait if you’re lucky enough to see them!

Some of the top-rated locations in Tassie to go aurora hunting include Bruny Island, Satellite Island and Tasmania’s Central Highlands. Grab a campervan hire from Hobart and then try your luck!

A couple of the beach looking at Aurora Australia in the sky.
Bioluminescence on the beach at night.

2. Bioluminescent Waters - Jervis Bay

Best time to spot: May - August 

Caused by tiny marine creatures that glow when disturbed by a wave or movement in the water, bioluminescence quite literally causes the ocean to glow in the dark! Glowing blue, green and sometimes even red this incredible sight can be witnessed all year round with many 2021 sightings reported between May and August.

Some of the best places known for their sparkling natural light shows include Jervis Bay in NSW, Preservation Bay in TAS and Port Lincoln in SA. GoSee has rental cars available from Sydney, Launceston and Adelaide to help you reach these special spots. 

Take the Glow Worm Tunnel Walking Track near Lithgow for the easiest access to this remarkable sight.

3. Glow Worm Tunnels - Lithgow, Wollemi National Park

Best time to spot: Weekdays all year round

Now an abandoned railway, this 400m long tunnel in The Blue Mountains is home to thousands of glow worms that light up the roof and walls of the tunnel, transforming it into a sparkling night sky even during the day! If you switch off your torch and wait quietly you’ll see the worms light up the tunnel with tiny pinpricks of glowing blue light.

Take the Glow Worm Tunnel Walking Track near Lithgow for the easiest access to this remarkable sight. As it’s a popular place, we’d recommend visiting during a weekday for the most enchanting experience.

Hire a camper in Sydney and then head for the mountains. 

Glow worms lighting up a cave.

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Stars and the milky way at night.

4. An incredibly Vivid Starry Sky - Dark Sky Park, Warrumbungle National Park

Best time to spot: Three days after a new moon (all year round)

The very first internationally recognised ‘Dark Sky Park’ in the southern hemisphere, Warrumbungle National Park, is a stargazer's dream!  Thanks to its crystal clear skies that are untouched by city light pollution and its high altitude, this park is known for its incredible display of stars which allow visitors to marvel at some of the brightest star displays in the world.

There’s no better place to admire the Milky Way, and planning your stargazing trip to coincide with the days before or after a new moon when the sky is at its darkest will ensure you witness the stars at their most magical!

Rent a car from Wagga Wagga then drive north to experience this amazing vista.